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Why Are Next Wave Prices So Low?

The Reasons Why Next Wave Affiliate Prices Are So Low…

While setting up Next Wave as a company, Mari McShane was considering which charity the company would officially support. After much reflection, she came to the conclusion that the best charity of all to support would be one where her clients and customers would be the greatest benefactors. For many of them, special discounts would often be the difference between whether they could afford a solution or not.

Mari McShane
Mari McShane

For Mari, the health and happiness of her clients are most important. She has worked tirelessly on their behalf to make financial decisions that are the very best for them that she can provide.

Thus, Next Wave “gives back” to each client on each sale.

A good portion of the Next Wave mission is to help educate people so that they are aware of options outside of the traditional medical model. However, if a client cannot afford the option, the education can be very frustrating.

By providing the best discounts possible, Next Wave helps facilitate not only the “awareness” of a viable alternative solution, but also financial access to a solution that otherwise might be out of reach for many.

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