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Using Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights For Pain (Including Arthritis, Headache, Sinus, Sore Throat Concerns, and More)

Here at Next Wave, we’ve received quite a few questions about how to use Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights for concerns regarding pain.  We also receive quite a few questions regarding how to choose the right Lumen Photon Therapy System for their particular needs.

Lumen advises the following broad-based suggestions for how Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights can be supportive for overall wellness in hopes that this information might be helpful.  These suggestions are based on over 20 years of experience.


At the very first signs of symptoms, Lumen advises to use the lights over the affected areas to help alkalize and oxygenate tissue and to encourage healing – and during an acute concern to feel free to use the Lumen Lights often.

When in pain, Lumen advises to feel free to use setting 7 (for pain) over the affected areas often.

In addition to the following suggestions, and in ALL specific concerns noted below, Lumen suggests using the preprogrammed setting called NICO over the L1/L2 area of the lower back lumbar area to help reduce systemic inflammation and to help boost immune functions.


Arthritis Pain
Lumen suggests using settings 7 and NICO over the affected areas.

Bone-on-Bone Pain
Lumen suggests using settings #5, 6, and 7 for 20-30 minutes or more daily.  Bone-on-bone pain can be challenging.  Dr. Sherry Rogers states that the Lumen Lights can help build bone density and strengthen bones.

Fibromyalgia Pain
Lumen suggests to start slowly with setting 7 (for its sedative properties) and to only use the Lumen lights a few minutes at first, very slowly increasing time as tolerated over areas of pain. Lumen notes that ultimately, all settings can be used, but Lumen’s experience shows that starting slowly helps keep the body from overreacting to the input.  Lumen also advises to use over the L1/L2 area (slowly).

Headache Pain
For headache pain, Lumen suggests using setting 7 over the area of concern and setting 4 over the liver area to help detox from any medications.

Neuropathy Pain
For neuropathy pain, Lumen suggests using the NICO setting for 30-60 minutes over the affected area.  In addition, Lumen suggests using setting 7 for pain, setting 3 for more neural concerns, and setting 4 on the gastrocnemius at least three times per week consistently.

Post-Surgery Pain
For post-surgery pain, Lumen suggests applying the Lumen Lights over the affected area as quickly as possible after surgery for as much as possible.  Lumen also suggests using setting NICO and setting 7 for pain.

Sinus Pain
For sinus pain concerns, Lumen suggests using setting #5 over the sinus areas, starting at the forehead and nasal passages, to the base of the skull, and to drainage points beneath the clavicle (both sides, especially the left).

Sore Throat Pain
For sore throat pain, Lumen suggests using settings 7 and NICO over the throat area in addition to using the NICO setting over the L1/L2 area of the low back.


Time to See Results
Lumen reports that therapy times vary widely from individual to individual and situation to situation. They advise to start with five to ten minutes per area and to adjust times or settings as necessary.

In some situations, such as osteo-arthritis with pain and limited range of motion, Lumen reports people often notice a difference with only a 20-30 minute treatment. Lumen advises that, in most situations it is reasonable to expect changes within a week to ten days after consistent daily use.




Choosing The Right Lumen Photon Therapy LED Light System
To read about how to choose the right Lumen Photon Therapy System for you, click here.




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Sherry Rogers, MD recommends Lumen Therapy!

Dr. Sherry Rogers featured the Lumen in her self-authored January 2005 AND November 2005 “Total Wellness” monthly newsletters.




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