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Thinning Hair? New Hair BioEnergy Wearable Patch

Hello, Friends –

Today I have a subject on my mind because of thoughts following a chat with a female client regarding her concerns about her thinning hair. She’s worried because she’s losing hair, her hair is thinning, and she said her scalp showed and her hair just doesn’t “look good” anymore either!

She wanted to talk about the New Hair BioEnergy Patch to consider it as part of her solution.


Nu Hair BioEnergy Patch
Nu Hair BioEnergy Patch









Silly Cures!
She liked that there are no drugs involved, no special expensive shampoos or conditioners, and nothing to massage into her scalp, etc etc.

In fact we were both giggling over some of the purported “cures” and “fixes” that she mentioned. Some of them sound downright silly!
Feedback: New Hair BioEnergy Patch
I shared the feedback I have from a healthy woman approaching 70 years young who had similar concerns about her own hair issues… in addition, the second woman was experiencing the addition of a “male pattern baldness” – her hair line was actually receding!

Anyway, the good news is that after wearing the patch for 6-8 weeks, this 70 year old woman went to her hairdresser to make sure that she wasn’t “imagining” the good results!
Hairdresser Agreed!
Indeed, he verified that there was healthy baby hair growing all along her receding hairline, and that, funny as it seemed, the new hair growth was coming in her natural color brown rather than gray!

Oh, Yeah! Imagine that!

No wonder she doubted her own eyes!
It Keeps Getting Better!
So the woman has kept wearing the New Hair Patch and keeps reporting better and better news each month! The latest feedback? Her hair is shiny and healthy again… and it’s stronger (her hair dresser agrees).

She used to get a “basin of hair” each time she washed her hair. She said this no longer happens!

I can hardly wait to hear her next excited report!

Best to you all!



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