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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information About BioEnergy Patches

Sheet of (10) Patches – A 30 Day Supply! From Next Wave!

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1)  BioEnergy Patches Are Easy to Use
Simply place a BioEnergy Patch on your left shoulder and wear it 24 hours a day (changing it every 3 days) for 30-days. It’s comfortable and easy to wear; in fact you can shower and sleep with it on.


2)  What are BioEnergy Patches
BioEnergy patches are fabric patches infused with specific frequencies to help balance your body so it functions at an optimal level. Each patch is designed to activate and support specific systems to help naturally restore missing cell communication and to help your body function as intended.

BioEnergy patches are constructed from medical grade, non-irritating tape that is breathable, flexible, and works under the toughest conditions – even while swimming, jogging, sleeping, and showering.

The BioEnergy Patch is a complementary restoration patch system. Each patch is made to rapidly promote and activate the necessary resources to optimize body and brain function, restore missing cell communication, and accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

By wearing a BioEnergy patch, your body is immersed in a corrective informational frequency exchange which promotes balance.  Your body matches (or resonates) with the corrective frequency information on the BioEnergy patch.

Each therapeutic BioEnergy patch is powered by Infusion Technology, a set of frequencies in a proprietary containment field.


3)  What Is Infusion Technology
BioEnergy patches work through Infusion Technology. This is a non-transdermal and non-invasive technology.

Each BioEnergy patch is embedded with its own combination of bio-frequencies designed to enhance and activate particular targeted system/s.

Once applied to your body, the BioEnergy patch emits specific frequencies to communicate with, and to enhance your body’s natural systems in order to help your body naturally restore, revive, and rejuvenate itself.


4)  Who Recommends BioEnergy Patches
Until recently, BioEnergy Patches were distributed exclusively through Health Care Practitioners, Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Pharmacists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Psychologists, and Nutritionists.

Now you can get these natural little patches from our Next Wave website without the time and expense of a doctor visit.  (How easy is THAT?)


5)  How BioEnergy Patches Work
BioEnergy patches are charged with specific bio-frequencies. Just like a battery holds a charge, Bio Apps patches hold a charge of bio-frequencies. Once the BioEnergy patch is applied to your body, the bio-frequency signal is dispersed to the targeted system. BioEnergy patches are designed to accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The BioEnergy patch is at peak performance for a three-day period. After three days, simply replace your BioEnergy patch with a new one.

It’s important to stay well hydrated because the frequencies travel through your body fluids to the targeted systems they are designed to support.  Your body’s hydration level is key to optimizing the BioEnergy patch effects.


6)  How Your Body Knows To Respond To Each BioEnergy Patch
BioEnergy patches emit a type of signal – a set of bio-frequencies – targeted to support particular systems in your body. This combination of frequencies is how your body “knows” which intended result the BioEnergy patch is supporting.

Each BioEnergy patch is made to rapidly promote and activate the necessary resources to optimize body and brain function, restore missing cell communication, and to accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself faster.

By wearing the BioEnergy patches twenty-four hours a day for the duration of the protocol, your body is immersed in a corrective information exchange which promotes balance.  Your body matches or resonates with the corrective frequency information on the BioEnergy patch.

Because there are no known side effects to BioEnergy patches, you can use them in conjunction with other modalities or techniques without fear of interaction or bad side effects.


7)  Experiencing BioEnergy Patches
Best results are experienced over time as your body assimilates the bio-frequencies to maximize effects on the targeted system/s.  Because everyone is unique, effects of the BioEnergy patches may vary. Some people experience immediate results, while others realize the results over time.


8)  How to Use BioEnergy Patches
Apply your BioEnergy patch on the inside of your left shoulder or on any flat area of your body.  It is recommended that the BioEnergy patch be attached to the upper body, left shoulder, because energy enters your body from the left side and dissipates to the right side.  However, BioEnergy patches can be put on any flat area of your body.

When addressing pain, the Pain BioEnergy Patch can be worn directly on the site of your pain. (For example, the patch can be attached directly on your knee or elbow.)

Several different types of BioEnergy patches can be worn at the same time to target multiple systems. Additionally, two of the same BioEnergy patches can be worn concurrently to increase the effect on a single system.

For optimal benefit, it is recommended that you allow BioEnergy patches to work together for one month, changing every three days with a new patch.

For some concerns, the manufacturer recommends a three-month therapy.

Each BioEnergy patch is designed to last up to three days. Results may vary depending on each person’s body. It is recommended to replace each BioEnergy patch after a three-day period. Best results are experienced over time.

When you are ready to remove your BioEnergy patch, simply run warm water over the area and gently peel it off.




Call Next Wave if you have any questions.

Domestic callers: 949-542-6332 (PST 9-5 Mon – Fri) Leave a message with your time zone and the latest I can return your call.

International callers: Email to coordinate.


Let us know how else we can support you…




Notice: This information is provided for educational purposes.  These products and the information presented in this website are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Neither these products nor this site is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Individual results may vary. As always, we urge you to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional for any health concerns.




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