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Stop GUESSING What Nutrition & Supplements You Need!

The subject of supplements has been on our mind a lot lately — whether it be for average everyday people or for athletes (elite or casual).  We all tend to “guess” at what our bodies may or may not need.

Some good examples of this “guessing game” are women (and men) who hear so much in the news about osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.  The media and many docs are encouraging people to supplement with calcium.  Yeah… even without the benefit of any testing.  They just assume these folks have a calcium deficiency.  It sounds like such a reasonable argument, so we tend to run out, stock up on calcium supplements, and start dosing in hopes of preventing osteo!

But what if we don’t NEED calcium — or what if our body has an EXCESS of calcium?  We can set up all kinds of negative cascades in the body and even do some pretty major damage if excess calcium starts floating around our bodies!

Athletes— another great example of the big “guessing game”.  We hear all the time about proteins and supplements to help optimize athletic performance.  Again, the arguments sound plausible!  So we run out, stock up, and add yet more supplements to our arsenal.  But once again, it’s merely a guess on our part.

We really need to STOP THIS GUESSING GAME.  There’s too much at stake.  This is why Next Wave got involved with two wellness programs – one for normal every day people – one for athletes.

As you know, Next Wave scours the marketplace to identify “best in industry”.  In our opinion, Dr. Tefft, who is associated with this program, is “best in industry”.

Dr. Tefft is a renowned clinical bio-nutritionist, wellness practitioner, author, and founder of Personalized Nutrition Consultants (PNC).

  • Board-Certified Naturopathic Physician
  • Chiropractic Doctor
  • Board-Certified Drugless Physician
  • THREE Ph.D.s in Holistic Nutrition
  • M.S. in Exercise Physiology
  • Recipient of numerous awards and accolades including the Readers Digest Health Awareness Award
  • Weider Publications calls Dr. Tefft “the Mind-Body Connector”
  • Orange County California TV News Network referred to Dr. Tefft as “America’s Leader in Personalized Nutrition.”

The program includes a private consult with Dr. Tefft – a top expert Orthomolecular Medicine!

Dr. Tefft will privately discuss and explain results of your test and answer your questions.  NO MORE GUESSING!

Now you’ll have someone like Dr. Tefft in your personal wellness corner.

Isn’t that awesome news?

Next Wave “Quick-Easy-Start Package” includes

  • Your scientific hair test kit with comprehensive report
  • Dr. Tefft’s best selling book explaining orthomolecular medicine
  • Your 30-minute private consult with Dr. Tefft
  • Your individualized / personalized list of food groups (so that you know what to eat and what to avoid

If you’re an athlete — this scientific feedback is invaluable.

If you’re a normal everyday person – your very health and wellness may depend on it.

Please let us know how else we can support you, your family, and your friends!


Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.

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