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Severe Allergies / Dust / Pollen / Animal Hair | Foust Air Purifier & Pre-Filter

I live in a very dusty area.

Add a shedding pet to the equation.

You too?

At any given time I can usually trace my initials in the dust in my home. Honest – It has nothing to do with my housekeeping abilities.

I’m also convinced that outside pollens literally follow me home. They sneak in the front door and prance around in my living space.

I don’t invite pollens inside – that’s for sure.

I keep my windows shut and when I arrive home, I literally open the door a crack and slither in as fast as I can so no “toxic” air comes in with me.

Still my eyes and nose drip and I often sneeze until I can hardly breathe…

Sometimes I feel like “air” is my enemy… Even though this makes no sense.


Some Solutions
I read about all kinds of solutions — remove my shoes before entering my home… remove the outer layer of my clothing before entering — wash my hands, face, hair as soon as entering.

I get a picture of me stripping down at the front door making a naked mad dash for the shower while frantically searching for a tissue as I’m sneezing and my eyes and nose are dripping.

Yeah… what a picture…


Pooch Sees All
Can you imagine this?

Poor Pooch is minding his own business lolling around when all of a sudden he sees a pair of shoes, a pile clothes, and a naked streak scurrying by sneezing, and wheezing.

I’m sure it’s a lovely vision.

Poor Pooch — This the stuff of doggie nightmares.


A Better Way
I keep thinking that there’s gotta be a better way…

At least a way that might spare Pooch a few nightmares, and maybe give me some sane and sensible relief.

After all I DO have to breathe. And contrary to my crazed thinking during some of those more desperate and drippy moments – air is not the enemy.


Sensible Protection

For those of us with severe reactions to dust, pollen, animal hair, etc. – or even if we just want an additional level of protection to clean our environment, we can consider adding an optional Alpha-Stat pre-filter dust attachment to a Foust Air Purifier.

Foust 160R2 Air Purifier
Foust 160R2 Air Purifier

The Foust Air Purifier is amazing even on its own.

Can you imagine the relief from adding a pre-filter dust attachment?

It adds an additional layer of particle-absorbing media to the already-effective Foust Air Purifier.

This option can remove even more submicron particles and contaminants from any environment – including all types of asbestos, all types of smoke, bacteria, dust, mold, and spores.

Yeah… especially my enemies: dust, pollen, and animal hair.




Trap Submicron Particles
Even though submicron particles are invisible to the naked eye, they are definitely still breathable.

Particles that are six to ten microns are typically trapped by our nose; particles five microns and below are typically trapped by our air passage region and lungs. (I know this information from my sneezing, drippy nose, watery eyes, and scratchy throat.)

The Alpha-Stat’s Pre-Filter Dust Attachment efficiently traps submicron particles greatly reducing the work load for our grateful noses and lungs.

(Yay, I can breathe again!)


How Does It Work?
The majority of filter panels use mechanical means to remove particles.

In addition to using mechanical means, the Alpha-Stat pre-filter also puts an electrostatic charge on each fiber to capture and retain submicron particles (asbestos, bacteria, dust, mold, spores, and smoke) before they even get to the HEPA filter in the Foust Air Purifier.

These submicron particles adhere to the Alpha-Stat fiber (like a magnet) instead of floating around in our environment for our body to filter.

Most Industry-standard panel filters are designed to protect the air handling equipment. The Alpha-Stat pre-filter is designed with us and our bodies in mind. The pre-filter’s ability to capture submicron breathable particles not only protects the Foust Air Purifier but also our fragile human lungs.

What a noticeable relief!


Happy Story Ending
In a world of ubiquitous airborne contaminants, adding the Alpha-Stat Pre-filter to a Foust Air Purifier is a best response to my ever-present demand for quality air.

You also may want to know this:

I’m no longer stripping at my front door.

No sneezing.

No watery eyes.

No drippy nose.

No scratchy throat.

I sleep through the night.

And oh yeah… Pooch is spared.
We’re all a lot happier.


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(Note: This information is presented for educational purposes only. As always, consult your medical practitioner for medical advice.)