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Purses Have Bacterial growth, E. Coli, and Microbes Like Hepatitis and Mononucleosis

Swabs from randomly selected purses, sent to a reputable lab, showed evidence of bacterial growth, E. coli, microbes like hepatitis and mononucleosis, and other NASTY STUFF.


Yes, Snopes even confirmed this story —

And stop gloating, guys – men are NOT immune!

We ALL have briefcases, clutches, backpacks, laptop carriers, camera bags, baby bags, and other assorted carry-bags that we set down EVERYWHERE!

So back to the NASTY STUFF on our bags…

None of this should come as a shock when you think of where we tend to put our bags!  (No… I won’t go into detail — just recall where you typically go in a day… and where you place your bag!)

We put those bags on surfaces that we usually WALK!

(Yet we don’t put our shoes on our bed… or on our kitchen counter… or on our TABLE! — but we put our carry bags on those surfaces REGULARLY!!)

The good news?

There are things you can do to prevent this NASTY STUFF from becoming a health issue.

At the risk of stating the obvious, you COULD periodically wash your bags with antimicrobial, anti bacterial, or anti fungal solutions.

I know.  I know.

Some bags are simply not washable.

And who has that kind of time anyway???

So NOW what?

How about PREVENTIVE thinking!

Yeah.  We at Next Wave tend to like THE PREVENTIVE approach!

Fumi FMCL-06CH (Cheetah Glamorous)

So how about a beautiful functional HOOK that allows you to hang your bag whether you’re at a restaurant, bar, public restroom, theater, concert, casino, or sporting event…

Whether you’re using a shopping cart, a baby bag, or a camera bag???

And how about if it’s strong??… and holds up to 25 pounds?

Fumi FMCO-08TQ (Turquoise)

How about if it has a bypass that ensures it will stay on the straps of your bag

So it’s




How about if it also functions as a Bangle   Bracelet

A Purse Accessory

AND stays on the outside of your bag…

All for easy use…

Well, you have GOT to check this out!



Oh… and you have CHOICES!!!  (GEEZ do you have choices!)

They come in a multitude of gorgeous rich colors…

Fumi FMCO-10TL (Teal)
Fumi FMCO-07C (Coral)
Fumi FMCO-12RD (Red)


Some plain, simple, and elegant…

Fumi FMCO-03P (Pewter)
Fumi FMCO-04W (White)
Fumi FMBH-02G (Gold)


Some blinged out to your heart’s desire!

Fumi FMCR-02G (Gold Fascinate)
Fumi FME-04BG (Gold Egypt Bangle)
Fumi FME-01SS (Silver Egypt Snake)


Check them out online!



Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.



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