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Recommendations from Professionals

Sherry Rogers, MD recommends Lumen Therapy!

Dr. Sherry Rogers featured the Lumen in her self-authored January 2005 AND November 2005 “Total Wellness” monthly newsletters.

Dr Stan Gross D.C., F.A.S.A.
“A Marked Decrease in Serum Cortisol and Histamine Levels Using the Lumen Therapeutic Protocols for Acute Low Back Pain Conclusions and Discussion”

While the total sampling for this particular study was small, the results remain substantial and merit further investigation using a larger population and incorporating other specific physiological markers for pain and inflammation such as Interleukin IV.

A comparative analysis involving common analgesics would also provide the possibility of expanded clinical trials and application in main stream medicine for pain management.

Another interesting correlation would involve the extensive body of research in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the use of the Associated Bladder Meridian for pain control and how those mechanisms correlate to the Lumen Photon Therapeutic Light System.

Mari McShane, BA, BS, QBS
“That’s why I worked so hard to provide a special deal with the Lumen company…

I’ve been using my Lumen regularly for over five years! I love it so much that I even travel with the darned thing! It’s my first “go-to” of choice for cuts, burns, bruises, sore muscles, aches, sprains, sores and cuts on gums, cuts in my mouth, and even those ailments from unknown causes such as stomach aches and cramps!”


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