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O.L.E. (Olive Leaf Extract) BioEnergy Patch Helps Shingles and Herpes (Cold Sore Virus)

While Shingles seems to be getting more prevalent, there are now reports of young people in their 20s now dealing with Shingles.

The O.L.E (Olive leaf Extract) BioEnergy Patch can be quite effective to help address Shingles and more.

 The O.L.E (Olive leaf Extract) BioEnergy Patch is designed to address symptoms of herpes (cold sore virus).  It contains frequencies of olive leaf extract, hypericum and lysine, which are known to “slow down” and retard growth of the herpes virus, as well as to inhibit viral replication.

The patch manufacturer reports that in the United States, about 50% to 80% of adults have experienced oral herpes. Accordingly, more than 90% already carry the herpes virus by the time they have reached 50 years of age.

For those with severe shingles, the patch manufacturer also recommends to consider adding add the Healing XL Bioenergy Patch to help accelerate results of the O.L.E (Olive leaf Extract) BioEnergy Patch which can result in faster healing.

The Healing XL BioEnergy Patch is designed to help energetically support all organs, is especially helpful when dealing with chronic conditions, and can help healing processes associated with inflammation.

The manufacturer reports that scientific studies show the Healing XL BioEnergy Patch can accelerate the natural healing process by as much as 50%.

Both the O.L.E (Olive leaf Extract) BioEnergy Patch and the Healing XL BioEnergy Patch are a non-drug / non-chemical solution to consider for shingles, and Herpes (cold sore virus), and more .


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