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Next Wave Had BIG email problems… Please Touch Base Again!

  Next Wave Marketing & Consulting Services, Inc

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We JUST found out that our email provider inadvertently blocked incoming mail (at the server level) from many of the main email providers…at least all summer!

The list of blocked incoming email included (but was not limited to) email originating from AOL, ATT, Comcast, Cox, EarthLink, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Netscape, SBCglobal, Verizon, Yahoo, and more.  There seems to be no apparent pattern regarding additionally blocked email.

Not only was the incoming mail blocked, but we had absolutely no visibility of the blocked mail, and it is not retrievable.


If you sent us email from June through this week which required a response … or if you sent anything important, please re-send it.

We were concerned that our email accounts were a “bit quiet” all summer… we just figured everyone was busy with summer schedules, vacations, etc.  Unfortunately, now we know better…

If you think we were ignoring you, now you know the sordid story.

In the future, if ever you don’t get a response from us in a timely manner, PLEASE let us know…

In this case, we are truly grateful to a client who diligently followed up on the phone because as she said “it’s not like you to ignore emails”.

In the meantime, please check out our Next Wave website and Next Wave blog — we’ve added some very interesting and effective products:

As always, contact us with your questions or comments… and remember that initial consults and assistance regarding our products and services are always informative and FREEEEEEEE

We’ll look forward to hearing from you all again and thanks for your patience as we catch up!

Have a healthy day!


Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.


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