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Next Wave 2021 Holiday Sanity & Gift Planning

Hello and Happy Pre-Holidays from Mari at Next Wave!

Whew! What a year!

Before you know it, we’ll be eating turkey, decorating, celebrating, and ushering in 2022…

Time is just dashing by so fast!

So…Before the “crazies” set in, it might be a good thing to start shoring up your sanity and holiday gift planning.

Why not give the gift of health this year?  (…to yourself and/or loved ones?)

It’s easy, affordable, and always appreciated.  (We’ll even guide you if you want some assistance.)

Consider the following:


Holiday Stress
Looking for a natural way to help ease holiday stress?

BioEnergy Patches

Lumen Photon Therapy – Place LED pad on L1/L2 area of low back set on NICO.  How to choose a device? Read more… (Feel free to call us for guidance.)


Lose Weight
Need to drop a few pounds before meeting up with Santa?

BioEnergy Patches


Flu & Immune System
Concerned about flu season and want to beef up your immune system?

BioEnergy Patches

  • Bio Defense – Immune defense against viral and bacterial infections.
  • Immune System – Immune response to help prevent symptoms associated with bacteria, colds, flu, germs, infections, virus, and/or other immune invaders.
  • E-Virus Guard – Stimulate immune system response for newer viral strains and bacterial-related health concerns.

Lumen Photon Therapy – Lumen recommends – At the very first sign of symptoms place LED pad on L1/L2 area of low back set on NICO, setting 4 over lungs, setting 7 and NICO over throat,  setting 5 over the sinus areas,  setting 7 over headache, and setting 4 over liver area.  Read more… (Feel free to call us for guidance.) How to choose a device? Read more


Traveling over the holidays?

BioEnergy Patches

Lumen Photon Therapy Device  – I always take my Lumen wherever I travel!  The travel case that comes with the device easily fits in my carry-on bag. So simple! 🙂 How to choose a device? Read more… (Feel free to call us for guidance.)


As always… Call if you’d like some guidance… (949-542-6332 Mon-Fri 9-5 / PST – West Coast U.S.)

If you get voicemail, please leave the best number to reach you, your time zone, and the latest we can return your call.

We actually DO answer our phone and/or return calls promptly. J


Looking forward to hearing from you as we head toward the holidays!

Hang in there!  🙂

Stay Healthy!


Best Regards,

Mari McShane at Next Wave



 Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.  Note: Many Next Wave product sales are final.  There are no returns for these products which are clearly identified on our Next Wave website.