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New Hair Wearable Patch – natural solution to grow & restore hair

New Hair Wearable Patch

Are you experiencing hair loss? Finding too many hairs in your brush or comb? Embarrassed by thinning hair? Worried that your scalp is shining through? Tired of dry listless hair? Wanting luxurious thick hair again? Tried all the advertised “products” and still worried? Concerned about harsh dangerous chemicals in those “special” shampoos and conditioners?

Naturally strengthen your hair follicles and restore needed nutritional factors to assist healthy hair growth with no harmful side effects.


Wearable Patches
Wearable Patches

New Hair Bio Energy patches can naturally assist in the growth and restoration of your hair
• Grow Hair
• Restore Hair
• Enhance Size of Hair Follicles
• Strengthen Hair Follicles
• Promote Oxygen and Blood to Hair Follicles
• Restore Nutritional Factors to Hair
• Stimulate Growing Phase of Your Hair’s Growth Cycle
• No Harmful Side Effects

The New Hair Bio Energy patch naturally assists in the growth and restoration of your hair by providing essential bio-frequencies associated with nutritional factors which mimic the “vasodilating” effect of Minoxidil. The New Hair Bio Energy patch naturally promotes enhanced follicular size and encourages much-needed oxygen and blood flow to hair follicles. This stimulates the growing phase of your hair’s growth cycle.

Consider using the New Hair Bio Energy patch to help naturally stop
• Hair Loss
• Thinning Hair
• Dry Listless Hair

Note: To optimize results, stay WELL hydrated — the bio-frequencies travel through the fluid in our cells!



All Bio Energy Patches
• No Drugs / No Chemicals
• Non-Transdermal / Non-Invasive
• No Known Side Effects or Interactions
• No Known Interference With Concurrent Protocols or Modalities
• No Pill Or Food Schedules
• No Restrictive Complicated Programs
• Patches Are Hypoallergenic
• 72-Hr Consistent Ongoing Benefit / Relief

They work naturally and continuously!


The New Hair Patch Is EASY!

How easy is the New Hair Patch?

Just put a New Hair Patch on your left arm and forget about it for three whole days! At the end of the three days, simply remove the original New Hair Patch and replace it with a fresh New Hair Patch.

The trick?

Stay well hydrated! (That’s easy!)

(The bio-frequencies travel through the fluid in our cells!!)

So why not get ALL the natural help you deserve?

A luxurious, shiny, thick head of beautiful hair!

Doesn’t that sound nice?

It’s SO easy!

And affordable too!

Next Wave invites you to read about New Hair and all the other wearable patches.

No chemicals / no drugs / nothing transdermal AND they’re VERY affordable!


Have a healthy day!

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