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Lyme Disease – Success Reported Using Next Wave Quantum Biofeedback & BioEnergy Patches

Next Wave has been successfully working with people diagnosed with Lyme.

Results have been optimistic. Clients report relief from symptoms.


Next Wave Protocol

The protocol is combination of two modalities – wearable Lyme BioEnergy Patches (natural / drug free) and Quantum Biofeedback (natural / drug free). (Clients often opt to use additional BioEnergy Patches to support specific symptoms.)

Neither modality interferes with current protocols. In fact, they can be used as adjunct and support to current protocols.

This gentle Next Wave approach coupled with a healthy lifestyle and diet, and plenty of clean healthy air and water seems to bring relief.

This information is exciting because it allows people to research and consider natural modalities in their search to identify solutions which may work best for them.


Symptom Relief

Client feedback indicates that wearing the Lyme BioEnergy Patch in conjunction with consistent Quantum Biofeedback sessions seems to provide relief from Lyme symptoms such as:

Burning / Stabbing Pain
Brain Fog
Heart Issues
Heart Palpitations
Immune Deficiencies
Intense Fatigue
Joint & Muscle Pain / Swelling / Stiffness
Muscle Cramps
Memory Loss
Neurological Issues
Poor Concentration
Poor Coordination
Shortness of Breath
Sudden Mood Swings
Unusual Depression
Etc. (many more)


More Info
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