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Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights and Virus Concerns

Here at Next Wave, we’ve received quite a few questions about how to use Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights for concerns during the current Covid-19 Corona Virus situation.

Lumen advises the following broad-based suggestions for how Lumen Lights can be supportive for overall wellness.  They offer these suggestions from over 20 years of experience in hopes that they might be helpful.

At the very first signs of symptoms, Lumen advises to use the lights over the affected areas to help alkalize and oxygenate tissue to encourage healing and during an acute illness to feel free to use the Lumen Lights often.

Lumen suggests using the pre-programmed setting called NICO over the L1/L2 area of the lower back lumbar area to help reduce systemic inflammation and to help boost immune functions.

For chest congestion, Lumen suggests using setting 4 over the lungs to help them clear.

For sore throat, Lumen suggests using setting 7 and NICO over the throat area.

In addition, for sinus concerns, Lumen suggests using setting #5 over the sinus areas, starting at the forehead and nasal passages, to the base of the skull, and to drainage points beneath the clavicle (both sides, especially the left).

For headache, Lumen suggests using setting 7 over the area of concern and setting 4 over the liver area to help detox from medications.


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Sherry Rogers, MD recommends Lumen Therapy!

Dr. Sherry Rogers featured the Lumen in her self-authored January 2005 AND November 2005 “Total Wellness” monthly newsletters.




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