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Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights and BioEnergy Patches for Allergies

If you’re one of the many people who experience (suffer from?) seasonal, food, and/or environmental allergies.  Here are some natural solutions to consider.

Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights is a successful adjunctive therapy which supports and accelerates healing; it can be combined with many other forms of treatment modalities for exceptional results and can successfully help treat many conditions which resist resolution through traditional means.

BioEnergy Patches are small, very affordable, fabric patches infused with specific frequencies to help balance the body so it functions at an optimal level. Each patch is designed to activate and support specific systems to help naturally restore missing cell communication and to help your body function as intended.  Read more…


Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights Protocol for Allergies
The recommended Lumen Photon Therapy LED Light Therapy protocol for Adrenals follows:

  • Setting 1, over adrenals to support immune system
  • Setting NICO, over adrenals approximately 20 minutes regularly can help with adrenal stress
  • Setting 4 over gut area. (Gut health is important with allergies)
  • Setting NICO over the L1/L2 area of low back to help bring down overall body inflammation

To help choose the right Lumen Photon Therapy Device Click Here.

Other Uses for Lumen Photon Therapy
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Also Consider Allergies BioEnergy Patch
The Allergies BioEnergy Patch can help naturally balance the function of kidneys, thyroid, adrenals, bladder, pituitary and hypothalamus without use of harsh drugs or chemicals and their sometimes nasty and uncomfortable side effects.

Consider using the Allergies BioEnergy Patch when experiencing symptoms from allergies, asthma, and sinus problems such as sneezing, watery eyes, loss of smell or taste, frequent throat clearing, hoarseness, coughing, drippy nose, and wheezing.Read more about Allergies BioEnergy Patches click here.

Other Uses for BioEnergy Patches
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Other Non-Related Health Concerns?
We invite you to read more about the Lumen Photon Therapy LED Light Therapy Devices and BioEnergy Patches as well as other natural solutions for pain, inflammation, and stress on our Next Wave Website.


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