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Improve Memory with Wearable Patch – Affordable & No Drugs

Tired of telling people you just had another little brain spaaz? Embarrassed to say you “forgot” once again? Find your mind wandering a bit too often? Have trouble thinking clearly? Concerned about your ever-shortening attention span? Frustrated trying to clear through the brain fog?

Memory TheraEX “Bio Apps” patches can naturally support healthy blood and oxygen circulation to the brain.
• Promote Mental Stamina & Endurance
• Increase Memory Retention
• Lengthen Attention Span
• Ease General Anxiety
• Sharpen Concentration
• Rein In Wandering Thoughts
• Lessen Brain Fog
• Help With Interrupted Communication Issues

The Memory TheraEX “Bio Apps” patch provides 8 essential bio-frequencies that promote healthy natural blood circulation and oxygen to the brain. Memory Patches are designed with natural bio-frequencies associated with Siberian Ginseng coupled with supportive enhancement bio-frequencies to promote mental stamina and endurance.

Consider using the Memory TheraEX “Bio Apps” patch to help naturally support healthy blood and oxygen circulation to the brain when experiencing
• Memory Loss
• Short Attention Span
• General Anxiety
• Concentration Issues
• Wandering Thoughts
• Brain Fog
• Interrupted Communication

Note: To optimize results, stay WELLhydrated — the bio-frequencies travel through the fluid in our cells!

Patches that can be used in conjunction with Memory Patches to boost effectiveness:
Healing XL
Emotional Rescue
Kidney/Thyroid Plus
Mood Boost

Stress Freeze

Each Memory “Bio Apps” package (sleeve) contains 10 patches – a 30 day supply.

TheraEx Patches


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EX-130 Memory TheraEX “Bio Apps” Patch – Sleeve Of (10) Patches – A 30 Day Supply
Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only. Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.

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