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High Tech Health Introduces New No-EMF Sauna

Transcend HR-2 One or Two Person Sauna

In addition to the existing line of excellent quality Thermal Life Saunas, High Tech Health announced the addition of a new line of no-EMF saunas called Transcend HR-2 Sauna.

Transcend surrounds its user with glass, providing an open spacious feeling and it uses the newest technology of virtually no-EMF carbon heater.  The Transcend also added stereo that can play CDs and MP3s, a DVD player for movies on an eye-level screen, and it also provides color-light therapy.

Transcend also added a low maintenance large tile floor surface over a heater which allows users to rest feet directly on radiating infrared.  This is especially appealing to those with diabetic or peripheral neuropathy, poor circulation in extremities, or other feet and limb issues.

So now, in addition to all the existing benefits of Far-Infrared Sauna that you already know about

  • Detoxification
  • Immune System Enhancement
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Stress & Pain Relief
  • Weight Loss & Cellulite Control
  • Improved Skin Tone & Texture

You now have absolute confidences that you are surrounded in an environment with no-EMF!

As if THAT wasn’t appealing enough, High Tech Health has now provided color-light therapy!  Wow!

By the way, look at the picture again.  It’s very high tech and GORGEOUS!

Transcend HR-2 One or Two Person Sauna


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