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Enhance Energy with Wearable Patch

Do you have low energy?  Feel like you’re dragging? “Run out of energy” before you “run out of day”?

Readers of Next Wave know that we are not fans of the glorified, sugared-down, caffeinated drinks masquerading as “energy drinks”.

And for sure, we’re not fans of any of the Over-the-Counter pills, capsules, or powders.  (READ LABELS!)

While we respect that there are some natural supplements or foods that may help, some people for a variety of reasons, choose to avoid this option also.

Ok, so what’s left?

Well here’s something really easy, safe, and natural you can do to give you the needed boost.

Energy Bio Apps patches can help you feel more like yourself again with natural energy that lasts all day long.

Bio Apps Energy - Sleeve of 10

Simply put on a Bio Apps Energy patch.  Wear it three days, then change it out for a new one.

How’s THAT for easy?

Bio Apps patches are fabric patches infused with specific frequencies to help balance your body.

Bio Apps patches work under toughest conditions – even while swimming, jogging, sleeping, and showering.

Energy Bio Apps patches are designed to promote natural energy production.

  • Reduce Sluggishness
  • Provide Extra Boost
  • Enhance and Give Energy to all Current Treatments & Therapy
  • Recharge your battery

The Energy Bio Apps Patch provides 12 essential bio-frequencies that support energy and encourages the vital organs for maximum function.  The Energy Bio Apps Patch also enhances healing and antioxidant support.

Consider using the Energy Bio Apps patch for low energy associated with

  • Fatigue
  • Tiredness
  • Insufficient Energy to Complete Tasks

Each Energy Bio Apps package (sleeve) contains 10 patches – a 30 day supply and they are QUITE affordable.


Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.


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