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Energetic Adhesive Disks for Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Help!  I’m stressed out!

I see so many great-looking Energetic Adhesive Disks related to symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression!

How do I choose?

Stress Freeze Energetic Adhesive Disk


First, let’s state the obvious:  Although we have many similarities, we are all wired up a bit uniquely.  So you’re looking for the disk or combination of disks to which your body best responds.  That said, what works best for one may not provide the exact same results for another, etc. etc.

Here are some considerations to help guide your unique decisions.



First – quietly identify some of the the source/s of your symptoms.  Can you point to a root cause?  A suspected root cause? This will go a long way to help decide what disk/s to consider.


My life is changing. So many upheavals – new job, new house, personal issues, marriage or partner issues, death in family, loss of pet, adult children moving out or away, changing schools, changing course of studies in school, etc.

I tend to get stressed out monthly with PMS type symptoms.  I’m going through menopause.  I notice stresses related to hormonal fluctuations, imbalances and/or changes.

I am under normal everyday-type stresses. But I just feel like it’s constant.  I have money problems, landlord issues, “everyday-life” kinds of things, etc.

I experienced a severe emotional trauma. I experienced trauma because of something very serious to me.  I am reacting to a really severe traumatic event to me.  I was in war.  I have PTSD from a traumatic event.  My boss is a complete tyrant, rants at me every day and I fear for my job, my health, etc.


(Hang in there… you’re almost ready to choose!)



Here are some of the main Energetic Adhesive Disks to consider for symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and/or depression.  Consider reading about each disk.  Remember to click on the links within the post for related material.


(Take your time.  There’s no pressure. 🙂 )


And know that – worst case – and unlike drugs, chemicals, supplements, medicines, etc. – there are no chemicals or drugs that your body has to deal with should it not “need” or “want” the frequencies in the particular disk you choose.

Should your body not need to “tune” to any of the frequencies inserted into the disks, imagine that your body simply shrugs.  (Just imagine your body shrugging and “saying” “meh!”)



Emotional Rescue – particularly good for emotional trauma and “upheavals”.

Mood Boost – especially good for stresses, etc. due to hormonal changes (E.g., PMS / Menopause).  It was developed by a doctor to particularly address symptoms from hormone “displacement”.

Stress & Anxiety – especially good for “everyday-normal” stress.  (If there’s such a thing as “normal stress” 🙂 …)

Stress Freeze – especially good for emotional stress from severe trauma (E.g., war / PTSD / really severe traumatic events)



If you’re dealing with symptoms from hormonal changes (PMS, Menopause, etc.), the disk manufacturer recommends that you might consider the combination FEM + Mood Boost and/or Stress & Anxiety and/or Stress Freeze (depending upon the root cause/s of your stress/anxiety/depression)



Well now that you’re an expert, you probably already guessed and could identify some appropriate disks to consider for the examples noted above.

Remember – there’s no wrong answer, you’re simply looking to identify the disk or combination of disks to which your body best responds. 🙂

In the examples noted above, here is what the manufacturer typically recommends for your consideration.

  1. “My life is changing. So many upheavals…”  You may want to consider Emotional Rescue
  1. “I notice stresses related to hormonal fluctuations, imbalances and/or changes…” You may want to consider FEM + Mood Boost
  1. “I am under normal everyday type stresses.” You may want to consider Stress & Anxiety.
  1. “I experienced a severe emotional trauma.” You may want to consider Stress Freeze

Of course, remember that you can use a combination of disks concurrently, and recall from the discussion above, that you’re looking for the disk or combination of disks to which YOUR body best responds.



To optimize results, stay WELL hydrated — the bio-frequencies travel through the fluid in our cells!


We encourage you to read about the entire choice of Energetic Adhesive Disk applications on our Next Wave website.

Best of luck… and call if you want some help. 🙂

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