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E-Virus Guard – BioEnergy Wearable Patch

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E-Virus Guard BioEnergy patch can help naturally target and encourage a healthy immune system. No chemicals / no drugs / nothing transdermal and they’re very affordable!


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Wearable Patches
Wearable Patches

First Responders!
Medical & Health Care Professionals!
Airport & Airline Personnel!
Hospital Personnel


Consider using the E-Virus Guard BioEnergy patch if you are
• Concerned about Ebola and Ebola-Like Viruses
• Work or Operate in High Risk Environment
• Apprehensive about Travel

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Bio Energy Wearable Patch FAQs. More…


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Click Here to Pay for Your E-Virus Guard BioEnergy – Sheet of (10) Patches – A 30 Day Supply


E-Virus Guard BioEnergy Patch – Sheet of (10) Patches – A 30 Day Supply!

Next Wave Discounted Price: $33.97 (USD)* (*Includes FREE Shipping!)

*NOTE: Price includes shipping within the continental U.S. only — Email Next Wave for price quote when shipping outside of the continental US. (

All wearable patch sales are final. There are no returns for wearable patches.

Suggested Retail: $79.00.00 (USD)


Consider using these Patches in conjunction with E-Virus Guard patches to boost effectiveness:
Bio Defense
Energy Balance
Healing XL
Pain & Inflammation

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