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Dr. Sherry Rogers on Microbiome, DNA, Mitochondria, Detox, & Immune Systems

In her July 2022 Total Wellness monthly newsletter, Dr. Sherry Rogers MD, internationally recognized expert in environmental medicine (and much more), discusses the role and benefits of the microbiome and its relationship to DNA, mitochondria, and the detox and immune systems.  She notes that the road to health is “paved with good intestines”.

Dr. Rogers explains that the greatest control over genetics lives inside the intestines or gut.  She notes that 500-1000 different species of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, and other organisms with over 3.3 million genes are housed in the gut.  She says that 90% of the DNA in your body is directed by these gut bugs, collectively called your microbiome.

Dr. Rogers explains the importance of assaying and repairing the microbiome because, not only does the microbiome control “nine times more of your genetics, but over half of the immune (disease-infection-fighting) system, as well as half of the detoxification system.”  She further reminds that the microbiome is crucial for making the virus-canceling hormone melatonin, as well as 90% of the neurotransmitters for happy mood and memory, digestion, “and more”.

As part of her advice to help heal the gut, Dr. Rogers advises to assay and repair mitochondria and general chemistry.  Among other recommendations, she also reminds about the role played by glutathione, a major detoxifier, to help heal and strengthen the detox system.

Dr Rogers notes that damaged mitochondria is a precursor to all disease and vulnerability to disease. Because of this, she advised that in order to help bring about health, in addition to assaying and repairing the microbiome, the same is important for mitochondria.

Dr. Rogers finally advises that after nutrients and gut have been assayed and repaired, the next step is to detox “never forgetting the work of living in this world continually depletes our nutrients and raises our toxins to unprecedented levels.”

Dr. Rogers notes that “An unrepaired gut is one of the most common causes for failure to heal that I’ve seen in 52 years of medical practice.”

Remember: as Dr. Rogers says, your “road to health is “paved with good intestines”.


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