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Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD Comments on Thinning Hair – Lumen Photon Therapy and More

Do you have male pattern baldness?

Can you see shiny scalp through your thinning hair?

Are you alarmed at how many precious hairs are lost in the tub or sink after washing your hair?

Are you a female with these problems?


Nu Hair BioEnergy Patch
Nu Hair BioEnergy Patch









Boomers Re-Writing the Book on Aging
We keep hearing more and more about this “thinning hair” issue.

As boomers age, they seem to be re-writing the book on what they accept as symptoms of “aging”.

Hair seems to be one of those things that boomers are unwilling to easily accept.

All the little sayings about our hair are true – whether you’re male or female.

It’s our crowning glory. Whether we like it or not, our hair defines so much of how we look: our image both to ourselves as well as how others perceive us.



Dr. Rogers Weighs In
Evidently, the subject also came to the attention of globally noted Environmental Doctor Sherry Rogers, MD, who offered her recommendations for thinning hair in an article in the December 2014 issue of her monthly newsletter “Total Wellness”.

Dr. Rogers writes that some people who supplemented with choline-stabilized ortho-silicic acid reported increased hair volume and stronger hair which became less likely to break. Dr. Rogers notes that, in addition to helping your hair, this supplement may also help your skin, nails, and bones.

She also advises to ensure proper nutrient levels – especially those related to bone health. She says that if the hair issue still persists, consider addressing hormones, xenobiotics (like heavy metals), and to use your Lumen Photon Therapy Device on the scalp.


Lumen 132 Photon Therapy Device
Lumen 132 Photon Therapy Device









Did She Say Lumen Photon Therapy??
Yes! You read that correctly.

Dr. Rogers advises to use your Lumen Photon Therapy Device on the scalp area set to NICO.

That’s easy. I like easy.

It’s also natural, noninvasive, pain-free, and downright relaxing.

I can lay in my own bed and put the Lumen on my scalp while I relax, read, watch TV, snooze….

I appreciate that Dr. Rogers shares these recommendations that can help the health of my hair, scalp, and hair follicles.


Other Solutions?

You’ve probably read about a lot of other advice that’s out there. It runs from the absolute ridiculous to the sublime – shampoos to surgeries.

Seems also to be a matter of how concerned you are, how much time and money you’re willing to invest, and how much discomfort and pain you’re willing to tolerate.

Me? I’m pain-averse!

In fact, I’m ok if you consider me a wimp regarding pain.

I’m also unwilling to try anything invasive or toxic with all their potentially negative side effects… especially when there are so many natural, non-invasive solutions to consider.


BioEnergy Wearable Patches
BioEnergy Wearable Patches









Wearable Patches – Great Feedback
Next Wave has terrific feedback from people who use the New Hair BioEnergy wearable patches.

Here’s one amazing story:

A professional woman (late 60s) had a receding hairline. She was losing hair at the corners of her forehead. (Similar to the start of male pattern baldness.) In addition, the hair on top of her head was thinning so much that she could see her scalp. She was also alarmed at how much hair was in the sink after she washed her head.

After 6 weeks of using this patch, she found baby hairs growing at her receding hair line. To make sure she wasn’t “imagining things”, she asked her long-time hair dresser to check things out. He was amazed at the difference.

One thing that tickles her is that the new hair growth is returning in her natural color – not grey!

She’s also amazed at how few hairs are now found in the sink after washing; and her hair dresser says that her hair is “overall” so much stronger, more healthy, and vibrant.


That’s pretty impressive.

Only six weeks to wear a tiny patch that has no drugs or harmful side effects.

That sounds hugely reasonable!


Natural Approaches with No Downside
So as usual, Dr. Rogers gives us her clear recommendations (with references) – this time to help thinning hair.

Her natural preventive approach sounds reasonable, easy, and affordable to me.

(And I see no downside.)

(Once again, Dr. Rogers to the rescue.)

What do you think?

I’m looking forward to trying her recommendations and hope to hear how Dr. Rogers’ recommendations work out for you.


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Sherry Rogers, M.D. is an internationally recognized expert in environmental medicine. Board Certified in Environmental Medicine as well as charter
Board Certified in Family Practice, and a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. Dr. Rogers is the author of over 16 books on environmental illness and finding the cause and cure of diseases. She has published over 20 scientific papers, as well as written for many of the current periodical and text book chapters. She served on medical journal editorial boards, and has given over 100 lectures to physicians in six countries, and more in her over 45 years of medical practice.




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