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Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD Comments on Getting Rid of Tooth Plaque

Do you have issues with tooth plaque?

My plaque is so bad that one of my past dentists jokingly called me his “tooth plaque donor”.

So, when I saw an article by Dr. Sherry Rogers called “Get Rid of Your Own Tooth Plaque”, it caught my attention in a big way!

Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, noted Environmental Doctor, explains how we can get rid of tooth plaque in the July 2014 issue of her monthly newsletter “Total Wellness”.


Traditional Dental Hygienist
According to Dr. Rogers, most dentists tell us that the only way to get rid of our plaque is with a thorough teeth cleaning every 6 months by a dental hygienist.

I have to admit, that after my dental hygienist scrapes the plaque off my teeth, they do feel cleaner. And the plaque is definitely gone.

In fact, they’re so clean that they tend to be sensitive to temperature and pressure for the next couple days.

Sometimes while I sit in that dental chair cringing from all that pressure, digging, and scraping, it hurts!

Then I get to thinking about the expense of having such an extensive teeth cleaning every 6 months and what I could be doing with that money. (It sure can get expensive.)

I have to admit that it’s even sometimes a challenge to carve the time out of my schedule.

That’s about the point when I wish there was another option.


Oil Pulling – An Old Technique with Impressive Results
Dr. Rogers says that there’s an old technique called “oil pulling” which she’s seen “firsthand” get rid of plaque.

Dr. Rogers refers to a study which took place in India where participants reduced plaque 60% by swishing oil in the mouth.


What Kind of Oil?
Dr. Rogers explains that participants in this study vigorously swished 2-3 teaspoons of refined sunflower oil in their mouth once daily for 10 minutes before spitting it out. (Although the study participants used sunflower oil, she recommends using any great organic oil except coconut oil.)

They reduced plaque 60% over 1-6 weeks.

That’s pretty impressive.

It sounds affordable.

It also sounds easy.

And most of all, it sounds painless. (Ok so I’m a wimp.)


What Else?
Dr. Rogers advises that in addition to oil pulling, we use brush picks and a water pick while maintaining healthy nutritional levels.

This still sounds reasonable to me.


Add Lumen Photon Therapy
Dr. Rogers also reminds us to periodically use our Lumen Photon Therapy Device wrapped around our teeth (jaw area) on the NICO setting “to foster stronger teeth roots and discourage breakdown and abscess infection”.

This is nice. I appreciate that she’s also telling me additional things which will actually keep my teeth, gums, and jaw healthy.


Natural Preventive Approach with No Downside
So as usual, Dr. Rogers gives us her clear recommendations (with references) – this time to help maintain clean and healthy mouth and teeth.

Her natural preventive approach sounds reasonable, easy, and affordable to me. (And I see no downside.)

I’d rather prevent plaque from forming – than have to sit in that dental chair while somebody scrapes plaque off my teeth – plaque that I easily could have prevented from building up in the first place.

(Once again, Dr. Rogers to the rescue.)

What do you think?

I’m looking forward to trying her recommendations and hope to hear how Dr. Rogers’ recommendations work out for you.


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Sherry Rogers, M.D. is an internationally recognized expert in environmental medicine. Board Certified in Environmental Medicine as well as charter
Board Certified in Family Practice, and a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. Dr. Rogers is the author of over 16 books on environmental illness and finding the cause and cure of diseases. She has published over 20 scientific papers, as well as written for many of the current periodical and text book chapters. She served on medical journal editorial boards, and has given over 100 lectures to physicians in six countries, and more in her over 45 years of medical practice.


(Note: This information is presented for educational purposes only. As always, consult your medical practitioner for medical advice.)