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While discussing her recommendations for Type 2 Diabetes and related complications, Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, noted Environmental Doctor, commented on the use of Lumen Photon Therapy, Far Infrared Sauna, and nutrition, in the February 2012 issue of her monthly newsletter “Total Wellness”.

Dr. Rogers noted that in order to “repair” type 2 diabetes and complications such as leg ulcers, neuropathies, obesity, or gangrenous extremities, people need to seriously repair nutrient deficiencies, proceed with Far Infrared Sauna protocols, and use Lumen Photon Therapy.

As Dr. Rogers so eloquently and succinctly says “To procrastinate any longer is to invite even more serious side effects such as blindness, amputation, or heart attack.”

We at Next Wave agree with Dr. Rogers’ three-pronged approach:

(1) Repair nutritional imbalances.

(2) Remove onboard toxins.

(3) Help the body heal.

We scoured the marketplace and have identified “best in market” for the whole triple-plan protocol she recommends.

In fact, we’ve made this really easy for you.



(1) Repair nutritional imbalances. 


Check out this comprehensive Quick-Easy-Start Wellness Package and stop guessing what nutrients your body needs!

We’re talking about supplements AND diet.

Deficiencies AND excesses.

Supplements AND foods to avoid.

Supplements AND foods to include.

SPEND LESS on supplements AND FEEL BETTER because you’ll ONLY take exactly what you need as determined by results from your individualized lab test.

This program includes a private consult with Dr. Tefft – the expert of all experts in Orthomolecular Medicine!

Dr. Tefft will discuss and explain results of your test and answer your questions.

Dr. Tefft is a renowned clinical bio-nutritionist, wellness practitioner, author, and founder of Personalized Nutrition Consultants (PNC).

  • Board-Certified Naturopathic Physician
  • Chiropractic Doctor
  • Board-Certified Drugless Physician
  • THREE Ph.D.s in Holistic Nutrition
  • M.S. in Exercise Physiology
  • Recipient of numerous awards and accolades including the Readers Digest Health Awareness Award
  • Weider Publications calls Dr. Tefft “the Mind-Body Connector”
  • Orange County California TV News Network referred to Dr. Tefft as “America’s Leader in Personalized Nutrition”


Nice to have someone like Dr. Tefft in your personal wellness corner, don’t you think?



(2) Remove onboard toxins. 


High Tech Health Far Infrared Sauna (2-person)

Far Infrared Sauna:

Our exposure to toxins, including chemicals and heavy metals, often exceeds our body’s ability to excrete them.

Because toxins tend to accumulate in our body, they may actually be shortening our life, causing health issues, and interfering with our body’s natural healing.

Medical doctors and health professionals worldwide recognize High Tech Health Thermal Life Far Infrared Sauna as one of the most effective methods to remove both chemical and heavy metal toxins from our body which may allow our body to heal.

With a High Tech Health Thermal Life Far Infrared Sauna, count on an enjoyable sauna experience that provides the best detoxification controllable at a rate perfect for you.

High Tech Health Thermal Life Far Infrared Sauna is portable, built to last, and simple to assemble.  No special tools are needed for assembly.

And we’ve already negotiated a sizeable discount for you!



(3) Help the body heal.


Lumen 90 Photon Therapy Device

Lumen Photon Therapy:

Everything in the body is both chemical and, at a deeper level, electrical. Every organ, every enzyme, every component of every cell has a unique electrical frequency.

Enzymes like NAD and cytochrome C oxidase that are inside cells respond to light and specific frequencies.  Photon Therapy has been shown to reverse the damage to cytochrome C oxidase.

Dr. Rogers explains that the detox enzyme, cytochrome C oxidase, is actually turned on by light in the far-red (visible) to near infrared spectra (as it strongly absorbs the stimulating energy). This energy increases electron transfer in the mitochondria, which leads the body to make increased energy needed for healing.

Physician Dr. Robert Becker found that applying the correct frequency to bone cells turned on the chemistry of healing. This knowledge is now also used to improve conditions like diabetic neuropathy (whether it’s in early stages with severe pain or later stages with loss of sensation), areas of poor circulation, and ulcers.

Compared to laser, Lumen Photon Therapy is safer, cheaper, easier to use, has no risk of eye damage (in fact it’s used to heal eyes); it penetrates a broader surface area at once, is more gentle, has no side effects, and has greater healing energy.

You can affordably have this small Lumen Photon Therapy device in your own home.

And as Dr. Rogers says: “I frankly can’t imagine a home without a Lumen.”




Well there you go… all three recommendations in one place at one time.  How easy is that?

Let us know how else we can support you…



Sherry Rogers, M.D. is an internationally recognized expert in environmental medicine. Board Certified in Environmental Medicine as well as charter

Board Certified in Family Practice, and a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.  Dr. Rogers is the author of over 16 books on environmental illness and finding the cause and cure of diseases.  She has published over 20 scientific papers, as well as written for many of the current periodical and text book chapters.  She served on medical journal editorial boards, and has given over 100 lectures to physicians in six countries, and more in her over 42 years of medical practice.



Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.

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