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Declutter Series: #4 Dried Pens

This is the next posting in our continuing Declutter Series.  Another super easy one! 

If you have additional ideas, feel free to contribute! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂


Ok, I admit it — I seem to inherit pens… all shapes, all sizes, all colors!

How they manage to show up in my house? — I just don’t know!  But show up they do!  It’s a mystery, for sure.  🙂

So I collected all these pens — and guess what?  More than half of them were dried up and useless.


My new streamlined collection is now strategically placed in cups on my desks, by phones, or anywhere else I tend to “take a note”.

The rest of the “good ones”?

I put them in a baggie and placed the baggie with my good office supplies.




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