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Declutter Series: #3 Old Magazines

This is the next posting in our continuing Declutter Series.  Another easy one! 

If you have additional ideas, feel free to contribute! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂


Some of us have hidden (or not-so-hidden) piles of old magazines…

Mine are in a magazine basket next to the couch and the overflow (yes of course!) is in a 4-tiered shelf AND a box under a desk.

I have all good intentions to read them.  (Really!)  But I just run of time and they continue to come.  And they continue to stack up.  Do they clone???

I have to look in the mirror and admit — if they’re a year old, what are the chances I will really get to them?  Honestly!

So here’s the easy fix:  If they’re a year or more old, they go.

Many places would love to inherit old magazines:  Pre-schools, Schools, Libraries, Care Facilities, Friends, etc.  Ask around.  You’ll be surprised.

Remember to remove your name and address.

If you choose to throw them out, remember to put them in the recycle bin.


Now doesn’t that feel good?



Mari at Next Wave