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Dealing Naturally With Low Levels of Radiation – Water (Part 2 of Several Articles)

This is the second article in a series.

As always, we urge that the best defense to deal with any radiation concerns is to keep healthy in general, with particular attention to healthy thyroid and detox system.

Our first article talked about the possibility of having to deal with low levels of radiation toxicity in air.

To repeat what we agreed on in our last article:

We mentioned the “bucket” idea, as a way to look at our detox system.

We can think of our detox system as a big ‘ole bucket.

As we run into toxic “stuff”, it goes into this bucket…

Eventually the bucket gets filled to the brim, and the next toxin that goes into the bucket OVERFLOWS the bucket…

Most folks tend to point to that “last thing in” as “the culprit”, when in effect, it was simply the last thing into the bucket!

This “bucket” idea is a way to look at our detox system.

If we control the things we CAN control, we keep the level of toxins in our “bucket” low enough so that when we run into something we can NOT control (e.g., perhaps low levels of radiation), there’s enough room in the bucket for the body to deal with it without “overflowing”.

That said, we agreed that a way to control levels of toxins in our bucket was to breathe clean air… Drink clean water… Eat clean food… and to exercise a bit.

The discussion in our last article was about clean air. We recommended a HEPA air filter which can be found at

Today our discussion is about clean water.

From a health perspective, it’s a good idea to provide an easy path of elimination for our body to dispose of toxins.  The largest organ of elimination is our skin, and our body uses plenty of water to move stuff around and also to move stuff “out”…

Yep plain old water…

To keep our filtration organs healthy – liver, etc. – drink plenty of fresh filtered water every day…

(And stop using those darned plastic bottles!!! They load you up with plasticizers which load loads your detox system – remember that “bucket”?)

How much water?

A good general rule of thumb:

Take your body weight in pounds and divide this number by two.  This translates to the number of OUNCES your body probably needs just for normal every-day maintenance.  When attempting to detox, it’s probably a good idea to drink more than your maintenance requirement.

It makes sense to drink filtered water which eliminates toxins, low level pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals that are proven to be in our water supplies.

In addition, good water filters concentrate minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium present in our water. This process makes both the water and the minerals more bioavailable and easily absorbed.

Some folks believe that drinking filtered ionized alkaline water encourages the body to detox naturally by keeping the body’s natural terrain at a healthy and slightly alkaline pH level.  Proponents of this theory believe that this tends to alkalinize urine thereby promoting safe excretion of toxins (including heavy metals).

If this is your philosophy, the best water machine we know of in terms of operation, dependability, and price point can be found at

This machine, filters, disinfects, AND ionizes water.  It’s maintenance-free and quite easy to operate.

However, we urge you to do your homework before drinking huge amounts of alkalinized water as it can be quite detoxing to some folks – sometimes setting up a detox cascade for which the body may not be prepared.  Symptoms can range from mild upsets to bad headaches and flu-like symptoms.

If you have concerns regarding radioactive pollution in the water source, you may want to research a good reverse osmosis filter with capability to remove heavy metals.  Keep in mind, however, that although this modality may remove radioactive toxins, water from this process is usually acidic.  After time, acidic water can de-mineralize the body which may present many negative health effects.

In addition, there are water experts who believe, that in addition to cleaning the water, energy must be re-introduced to ensure the water is returned to its natural energy levels.  There are various devices on the market which accomplish this including a combination of metal toroids, crystals, and proprietary processes.  There are some very interesting ongoing tests regarding proof.  (Stay tuned!)

Whatever you choose, we wish you continued good health!

Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.

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