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A brief article in the HEALTH MATTERS section of the Orange County Register (dtd 30 June 2011) noted that at least 116 million U.S. adults experience “long-lasting pain” defined as lasting “weeks or months”.  The article quoted the Institute of Medicine as saying that these people too often feel “stigma rather than relief from a health care system poorly prepared to treat them.”

Causes of the chronic pain ranged from arthritis and cancer, spine and digestive disorders, as well as undiagnosed conditions.

The report noted that chronic pain costs the nation “more than heart disease in medical bills, sick days, and lost productivity” and quoted a startling yearly tab “anywhere from $560 billion to $695 billion”.

(That’s a HUGE amount of money!)

We at Next Wave agree that we hear from many people who are often disenfranchised and frustrated with lack of results from traditional medicine in the area of chronic pain.

We suggest that you consider Lumen Photon Therapy.  Reports from people with chronic pain are quite impressive and very positive.


Lumen 90 Photon Therapy Device

How does it Lumen Photon Therapy work?

Everything in the body is both chemical and, at a deeper level, electrical. Every organ, every enzyme, every component of every cell has a unique electrical frequency.

Enzymes like NAD and detox enzyme cytochrome C oxidase that are inside cells respond to light and specific frequencies.  Photon Therapy has been shown to reverse the damage to cytochrome C oxidase.

Cytochrome C oxidase, is actually turned on by light in the far-red (visible) to near infrared spectra (as it strongly absorbs the stimulating energy). This energy increases electron transfer in the mitochondria, which leads the body to make increased energy needed for healing.

Yes we said “healing” — not covering up a symptom.

And, unlike drugs, there are no known side effects from using Lumen Photon Therapy.

Compared to laser, Lumen Photon Therapy is safer, cheaper, easier to use, has no risk of eye damage (in fact it’s used to heal eyes); it penetrates a broader surface area at once, is more gentle, has no side effects, and has greater healing energy.

What kinds of pain might respond to Lumen Photon Therapy?

Most people have pain at one time or another in hips, knees, shoulders, and backs.  They deal with tendonitis, fasciitis, bursitis, arthritis, burns, sprains, strains, ruptures, breaks, non-union or failure to heal fractures, localized chronic infections, falls, surgeries, auto accidents, and more.

Lumen Photon Therapy has been used to accelerate wound healing after surgery, after a heart attack, broken bones, non-union fractures, in diabetic mice, in burns, skin ulcers, resistant infections including teeth root infections, regenerate nerves, and to stop pain both chronic and acute. It has been used to destroy tumors, accelerate the healing of skin, muscle, nerve, tendon, cartilage, bone, carpel tunnel, plantar fasciitis, dental, and periodontal tissues.

While discussing her recommendations for pain relief, Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, noted Environmental Doctor, commented on the use of Lumen Photon Therapy in the October 2011 issue of her monthly newsletter “Total Wellness”.

In the words of Dr. Rogers:

“The Lumen (Photon Therapy Device) has a fascinating track record with pain relief after surgery or accidents, arthritis, accelerating the healing of sports injuries, healing of recalcitrant chronic problems like low back pain, shoulder and neck arthritis, herpes and regenerating nerves damaged by accidents or surgery.”

Dr. Rogers ends her extensive article with the statement: “I frankly can’t imagine a home without a Lumen.”

Pretty strong endorsement from such an esteemed and respected medical doctor!

We at Next Wave hear from DOZENS of satisfied people who have purchased their own affordable Lumen Photon Therapy Devices for a variety of chronic aches and pains.

In fact, one recent call, coming from an obviously delighted Lumen Photon Therapy Device owner, started out with “IT’S A MIRACLE!”

We always enjoy hearing these heart-warming stories and hope to get the word out to more people who are needlessly suffering from chronic and acute pain.

Next Wave would like to see you, too, take control of your own healing.

Call if you have any questions and let us know how else we can support you…




Sherry Rogers, M.D. is an internationally recognized expert in environmental medicine. Board Certified in Environmental Medicine as well as charter

Board Certified in Family Practice, and a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.  Dr. Rogers is the author of over 16 books on environmental illness and finding the cause and cure of diseases.  She has published over 20 scientific papers, as well as written for many of the current periodical and text book chapters.  She served on medical journal editorial boards, and has given over 100 lectures to physicians in six countries, and more in her over 42 years of medical practice.



Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.

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