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Candida – BioEnergy Wearable Patch

Have you been diagnosed with systemic Candida?

Do you suspect that Candida has compromised your immune system? Do you want natural help to combat Candida?

Do you battle chronic vaginal yeast infections? Oral thrush? Suffer with annoying jock itch? Embarrassing toenail or skin fungus?

Are you suffering with brain fog or migraine headaches?

Are you concerned about recurring sinus, ear, or eye infections?

Do you have issues with food allergies?


BioEnergy Wearable Patch

Natural Solution
Finally! An easy solution that’s natural and involves absolutely no chemicals or drugs.

The Candida BioEnergy Patch naturally supports a healthy immune system function to help eliminate fungus, yeast, and Candida concerns.

The Candida BioEnergy Patch is a non-drug / non chemical natural modality to consider especially if concerned about systemic Candida or with fungal and bacterial infections.
What Can The Patches Do?
Candida BioEnergy Wearable Patches can naturally support healthy immune boosting function.
• Strengthen Key Immune Responses
• Encourage Defense Against Fungal & Bacterial Infections
• Help Depression & Fatigue Associated With Candida
• Clear Candida Brain Fog & Other Candida Symptoms
• Enhance Effectiveness of Nutritional Supplements & Medications


How Do The Patches Work?
The Candida BioEnergy Wearable Patch provides 10 essential bio-frequencies that support healthy immune system function.

It is designed with bromelain, papain, and other specific bio-frequencies to assist the body to eliminate fungus, yeast, and Candida concerns.


When Should I Consider Wearing This Patch?
Consider using the Candida BioEnergy Wearable Patch to help naturally support healthy immune boosting function and key immune responses when experiencing
• Recurring Vaginal Yeast Infections
• Oral Thrush
• Migraine Headaches
• Sinus, Ear, Or Eye Infections
• Toenail or Skin Fungus (Including Jock Itch)
• Food Allergies
• Brain Fog
• Depression
• Fatigue


How Can I Optimize Results?
To optimize results, stay WELL hydrated — the bio-frequencies travel through the fluid in our cells!

Wow. That’s easy!


More Applications
To read about more natural solutions using BioEnergy Wearable Patches, visit the Next Wave store complete with shopping cart for your convenience.


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