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Brain/Heart – BioEnergy Wearable Patch

Do you have no energy? Are you just feeling “slow”? Maybe even battling chronic fatigue?

Do you lack initiative?

Are you dealing with sleep issues? Hypertension? Loss of appetite?

Or are you simply concerned about aging issues?


BioEnergy Wearable Patch
BioEnergy Wearable Patch

Natural Solution
Finally! An easy solution that’s natural and involves absolutely no chemicals or drugs.

The Brain/Heart BioEnergy Patch naturally supports a normal, healthy circulatory and nervous system. It helps ensure that your brain, liver, and heart are communicating normally.

The Brain/Heart BioEnergy Patch is a non-drug / non chemical natural modality to consider especially if concerned about anti-ageing and normalizing systemic nervous and circulatory balance.


What Can The Patches Do?
Brain/Heart Bio Energy Wearable Patches can naturally support healthy heart, brain, and liver balance.
• Support Healthy Systemic Balance
• Balance Circulatory System
• Balance Nervous System
• Support Proper Messaging to Brain, Liver, Heart
• Normalize Systemic Function


How Do The Patches Work?
The Brain/Heart Bio Energy Wearable Patch provides 7 essential bio-frequencies that naturally support healthy systemic balance in the circulatory and nervous system.

It is designed to naturally aid and support proper messaging between the brain, liver, and heart, and to assist in normalizing their functions.
When Should I Consider Wearing This Patch?
Consider using the Brain/Heart Bio Energy Wearable Patch to help naturally support healthy heart, brain, and liver balance when experiencing
• Sense of Slow Activity
• Chronic Fatigue
• Lack of Initiative
• Sleep Issues
• Hypertension
• Loss of Appetite
• Lack of Energy


How Can I Optimize Results?
To optimize results, stay WELL hydrated — the bio-frequencies travel through the fluid in our cells!

Wow. That’s easy!


More Applications
To read about more natural solutions using BioEnergy Wearable Patches, visit the Next Wave store complete with shopping cart for your convenience.


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