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Neu-Face Spray Addresses Poison Ivy!

Oh NOoooooo…. Poison Ivy!

The itch is driving me nuts!

It’s red!

It’s swollen!

The blisters are AWFUL!  (arghhhh)

The “experts” tell me that poison ivy rash often appears in a straight line because of the way the plant brushed against my skin.

Lots of help that bit of info is to me now… (sighhh)

And NOW they tell me that if I develop a rash after touching a piece of clothing or pet fur that has urushiol on it, the rash might be more spread out.

Again… lots of help to me now…

They also warn that I can transfer the oil to other parts of my body with my fingers. (And that this reaction usually develops 12 to 48 hours after exposure and lasts two to three weeks.)

Ok.  So that’s at least helpful.

(Note to self: DON’T TOUCH DON’T SCRATCH!)

But hey… Two to three weeks?!!

What can I do in the meantime to keep my sanity and help address this itching, burning, inflammation, swelling, etc?


Natural Organic Solution
Here’s a natural totally organic solution to help address poison ivy issues:

Neu-Face Spray.  It comes in 2.7 oz. and 4 oz. sizes for your convenience

The Neu-Face Spray Manufacturer has been getting great feedback that Neu Face Spray helps with the Itching Issues and more of Poison Ivy. The ingredients in Neu Face Spray that help address poison ivy are: Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, and Cypress.  To address Poison Ivy: Spray on the infected area as needed.

  • Tea Tree Oil is generally considered one of the ideal essential oils for poison ivy. It has capacity to reduce the inflammatory reaction, inhibit serious infections, minimize distress, and encourages a quicker recovery process while in contact with poison ivy.
  • Lavender Oil helps heal the skin and reduce pain. It also functions as an antimicrobial, which helps prevent infectious diseases of open parts of the skin. One of the most beneficial aspects of Lavender Oil is its regenerative and soothing qualities.
  • Cypress Oil helps mitigate the ubiquitous risk of supplementary poison ivy infections because people are more likely to touch/itch those areas of their bodies. The powerful antibacterial properties of Cypress Oil can help safeguard the rash even while comforting discomfort and inflammation.

But wait!

There are even more natural ingredients in Neu-Face.


Neu-Face Spray Ingredients
Highest Integrity and devotion to details produced this all-natural, all-organic, state-of-the-art, non-drug, skincare product.

A native plant found in India known for its healing effects. Because of its antiseptic properties, Vetiver can be used for acne, sores, and small cuts due from shaving. It is also used for its healing properties as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, cicatrisant, nervine, and sedative tonic.

A natural antioxidant gives vanilla beans their distinctive aroma. A study published the “European Journal of Pharmacology” (2011) found that as a result of its vanillin content, vanilla extract has powerful anti-inflammatory abilities. It can also protect from damage from harmful components such as free radicals and toxins.

Tea Tree
Used many years for its antiseptic properties. A natural antimicrobial agent, tea tree oil has been proven effective against both fungus and bacterial strains. In addition, tea tree oil has been shown effective to help reduce inflammation. Tea tree oil can also be effective to help deal with bacteria that often causes acne.

Hailed since ancient times for its medicinal properties. Rosemary was traditionally used to help alleviate muscle pain, improve memory, boost the immune and circulatory systems, and is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Cedar Leaf
Used for thousands of years as an herbal remedy.  Applied topically, cedar leaf oil has been used to treat fungus, thrush, and eczema on the skin. It has been used to help deal with virus and bacteria. Rich in vitamin C, Cedar Leaf leaves have been used for scurvy.  An extract has also been used to help treat influenza.

A plant native to the Mediterranean Region has been popularly referred to as the Bee Plant. Some health benefits of Melissa can be attributed to its properties as an antidepressant, cordial, nervine, emmenagogue, sedative, antispasmodic, stomachic, antibacterial, carminative, diaphoretic, febrifuge, hypotensive, sudorific and tonic substance.

Offers a wide array of medicinal benefits in extensive demand due to its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties. It is also used in aromatherapy to help combat fatigue and anxiety.

Well regarded for its skin healing properties and its effectiveness to treat burns without scarring. Lavender is also a remedy for scalds, burns, and sunburns. Lavender, on its own, is a relaxing and sedative aroma with almost immediate effects upon the sensitive membranes inside your nose. Lavender has an amazing reputation for extensive positive benefits for body, mind, and spirit.  Lavender is usually one of the first oil in aromatherapy collections and is considered one of the few essential oils gentle enough to apply directly on the skin.

Makes skin, muscles, and hair follicles contract, and can prevent hair from falling out while tightening up loose skin. Cypress also is used for its calming, relaxing, and sedative effect on both the mind and body by relieving nervous stress and anxiety. It can also stimulate a happy feeling and is often used to help alleviate anger or sadness. Cypress can be helpful to ease serious shock, trauma, or major setback in life.

Cedar Wood
Can protect wounds from tetanus germs while preventing them from becoming septic. Cedar Wood can be safely applied externally on wounds as an antiseptic. It is often used in herbal antiseptic creams. Cedar Wood relieves stress on white blood cells and the immune system by defending against toxins.

Birch in a Green Tea Solution
Makes a perfect anti-inflammatory vehicle. Birch Tree contains betulinic acid that gives it anti-inflammatory properties whereas Green Tea contains antioxidants that help to protect skin cells from free radical damage.

Kosher Glycerin
Works to moisturize skin by drawing water from air into the skin’s outer layer. Kosher Glycerin also forms a protective barrier to help prevent moisture loss, to aid bruised and swollen skin, and to help skin cells properly mature. Glycerin helps degrade the corneodesmosomes that hold skin cells together. The end effect of this is more consistent shedding of the outer layer of skin and ultimately smoother-looking skin.

Provides a barrier against loss of water from the skin. Moisturizers contain special ingredients to help replace oils contained in the skin or to protect against the loss of moisture from the skin.

Polysorbate 80
Used as a solubilizing agent. Polysorbate 80 acts as a surfactant to lower surface tension (or interfacial tension) between liquids or between a liquid and a solid.


Ok, so you know that poison ivy rash is caused by an allergic reaction to an oily resin called urushiol which is in the leaves, stems and roots of poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.

You know to wash your skin right away if you come into contact with this oil, unless you know you’re not sensitive to it. (Washing off the oil may reduce your chances of getting a poison ivy rash.)

If you develop a rash, it can be very itchy and last for weeks.

Symptoms can be varied… of course, you already know that… (so I won’t belabor that point) …

The reaction usually develops 12 to 48 hours after exposure and can last two to three weeks.

The severity of the rash depends on the amount of urushiol that gets on your skin and your degree of sensitivity.

Symptoms include: Redness, Itching, Swelling, Blisters, Difficulty breathing (if you’ve inhaled smoke from burning poison ivy).

Health and Medical practitioners advise that you seek emergency medical attention if:

  • You inhaled smoke from burning poison ivy and are having difficulty breathing
  • The reaction is severe or widespread
  • Your skin continues to swell
  • The rash affects your eyes, mouth, or genitals
  • Blisters are oozing pus
  • You develop a fever greater than 100 F
  • The rash doesn’t get better within a few weeks


A great natural solution to seriously consider is Neu-Face Spray.  It comes in 2.7 oz. and 4 oz. sizes for your convenience

It’s totally natural / no chemicals …. Affordable, and easy.  (REALLY!) 🙂

AND no nasty side effects.  (Seriously!)


Here’s The Bottom Line
Neu-Face Spray comes in 2.7 oz. and 4 oz. sizes for your convenience

Check it out:

This is something natural and effective to your rescue.

Wow!  That’s HUGE!

No drugs!  No chemicals!   No side effects!

Just pure natural organic ingredients.

Oy, yeah.  It’s also VERY affordable…


We invite you to read more about the Neu-Face Spray as well as other natural solutions for pain, inflammation, and stress on our Next Wave Website.


Stay Healthy!

Best Regards,

Mari McShane at Next Wave





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