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People Use Lumen Photon Therapy For…

Through the years, people have reported success using Lumen Photon Therapy for many health concerns for themselves and their pets.  (Yes Pets!)

Through the years, our clients at Next Wave have overwhelmingly reported success using Lumen Photon Therapy for issues related to the following health concerns.  (Please note that this is not a complete list.  There are many more applications which have been successfully reported.)

Remember that we are each wired uniquely, so what works for one, my not work for all; however, that said, feedback from our clients is overwhelmingly positive!

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Allergies (esp manifest as hives)


Amyloidosis & Lymphoma

Ankylosing spondylitis


Autoimmune Issues

Autoimmune Urticaria

Blood Pressure

Bone Density / Strength

Bone on Bone

Brain Concussion & Trauma






C-Reactive Protein levels (CRP)




Diabetic Neuropathy


Eye Issues: corneal ulcers, glaucoma, macular degeneration, astigmatism, improve vision

Fat Cells



Gut Flora

Hair Loss

Heart & Blood Vessels

Heart Valve Calcifications

Hepatitis C


Intestinal Issues




Lymphoma & Amyloidosis

Lymph System




Parkinson’s Disease

Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

Pineal Gland

Plantar Fasciitis


Post Surgery


Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (SAD)

Seizures (Brain)

Skin (incl wrinkles)

Sleep Issues

Sono-Dynamic Therapy (SDT)

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT)

Stress – elevated serum cortisol




Varicose veins, etc


White Blood Cell Count Low





LED Light Therapy is a relatively new field of treatment which can be of help to people with widely ranging ailments such as soft tissue injuries, Fibromyalgia, repetitive stress disorders, TMJ, chronic pain syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative joint conditions like arthritis or bone spurs, sinus problems, or headaches, and more.

LED Light Therapy is an adjunctive therapy which supports and accelerates healing; it can be combined with many other forms of treatment for exceptional results and can successfully treat many conditions which resist resolution through traditional means.

According to Dr. Stan Gross, healing light waves from the LED Light Therapy System can penetrate approximately 9 to 12 inches.





Powerful Conveniently-Sized Models Are FDA Approved To
• Increase Local Circulation (Important For Those With Restricted Circulation In Extremities)
• Reduce Pain (Neck, Back, Joint, Etc.)
• Improve Range Of Motion
• Relax Muscle (Decrease Tension And Spasms)

LED Light Therapy Systems are indicated for pain relief, muscle relaxation, increasing circulation, and increasing mobility of joints.

These devices fall under FDA classification (RT)890.5740 and became exempt from the 510(k) requirement in 1997 because of their safety.

LED Light Therapy Systems use safe, super-luminous light emitting diodes (LED’s) to produce photons at different wavelengths in the near-infrared/visible red/visible blue spectrums. The FDA has approved these powerful, conveniently-sized models as capable to offer:
1) Increased local circulation (important for people with restricted circulation in extremities)
2) Reduced pain (neck, back, joint, etc.)
3) Improved range of motion
4) Decreased tension, spasms, and relaxed muscles

LED Light Therapy Systems provide a new system of photodynamic therapy products utilizing state-of-the-art technology that can help provide a complete and lasting resolution of many health issues when coupled with a medical diagnosis.

All LED Light Therapy Systems are designed to help activate the natural healing processes in the body and can be used in the home, office, or while traveling.

LED Light Therapy is an adjunctive solution which may provide spectacular results in many cases.




Sherry Rogers, MD recommends Lumen Therapy!
Dr. Sherry Rogers featured the LED Light Therapy Systems in her self-authored January 2005 AND November 2005 “Total Wellness” monthly newsletters.




Mari McShane, BA, BS, QBS recommends LED Light Therapy Systems Therapy!

“I’ve been personally using my LED Light Therapy System regularly for over fifteen years! I love it so much that I even travel with the darned thing! It’s my first “go-to” of choice for cuts, burns, bruises, sore muscles, aches, sprains, sores and cuts on gums, cuts in my mouth, and even those ailments from unknown causes such as stomach aches and cramps!” -Mari




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