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Sane Natural Coronavirus Prevention Help Using BioEnergy Patches

Concerned about the Coronavirus?

Want to do something sane and natural besides lifestyle reminders and making sure you do everything we learned in Kindergarten? (see below)

Worried about drug-solutions?

Want only natural solutions that do not interfere with your present protocols?


A Word (or Two) About BioEnergy Patches

No chemicals / nothing transdermal / infused with natural bio-frequencies / affordable / easy to use. Read more…

All BioEnergy Patches come in sheets of (10), which is a 30-day supply.  They are quite affordable and so easy to use.  You simply apply the patch to the left shoulder or upper left arm.  Wear it for 3 days.  Discard the old one.  Apply a new one.  And that’s it!

Note: The BioEnergy Patch Manufacturer advises that the patches are made to last 3 days.  After the 3rd day, they recommend discarding the old patch, and applying another patch.


Coronavirus: Natural Sane Preventions Using BioEnergy Patches

The manufacturer for BioEnergy Patches recommends the following BioEnergy Patch Protocol – one protocol for Prevention help – and one protocol to use immediately for help at the start if you display flu or virus symptoms.

We’ll get right to the point.

To help prime your immune system response and to enable better Natural defense mechanisms which can help prevent against fu & virus (including Coronavirus), the BioEnergy Patch Manufacturer recommends wearing the following BioEnergy Patches.


Click on the links to read more about each patch.


PREVENTION BioEnergy Patches (including Coronavirus)

The manufacturer advises that all three of these patches work well in combination with each other to discourage airborne virus.  You can choose to wear one or any combination of the three concurrently.


What If I Get Flu or Virus Symptoms?

If you begin to have symptoms of flu or virus (including Coronavirus), immediately add:

The manufacturer advises that Immune System Patch is also advised as prevention help for those with very mature immune systems (the elderly), those with compromised immune systems, and those with heightened concerns.


What if I Can Only Afford One or Two Patches?

If you can only afford one or two patches, the manufacturer advises to choose the patch that makes the most sense for you and your concerns.  For some, it might be sufficient to wear only the Immune System (as a helpful preventive measure).  If you can afford two patches, perhaps it might make sense to wear E-Virus Guard (help against the modern viruses) plus Immune System.


Keep BioEnergy Patches On Hand

Next Wave recommends that you consider having all 4 BioEnergy Patches on hand.

  • Wear the Prevention BioEnergy patches until the CDC advises an “all clear”. (At Next Wave, we personally wear the Prevention patches through the entire flu season.)
  • Have the Immune System patch on hand for immediate use should it be required.
  • The other thing that works well? For your first order, order 2 sheets of each.  As soon as you start the extra sheet, order your replacement sheet.  This way you always have a constant supply on hand.




To optimize results, stay WELL hydrated — the bio-frequencies travel through the fluid in our cells!



Yes. Remember everything we were taught in kindergarten:

  • Wash your hands often with warm soapy water while slow-counting to 20. (The “Happy Birthday Song” works well here.)
  • Don’t pick your nose —- well ok — so don’t touch your face! (Especially eyes, nose, mouth)
  • Sneeze or cough into your shirt sleeve or a tissue.
  • Immediately discard used tissues. (Don’t carry used tissues around for additional use.)
  • Sleep when you’re tired.
  • Eat a healthy diet. (Keep away from the bad stuff like refined sugars, etc. You know the drill.)
  • Drink LOTS of clean water. It really helps.



Check out the CDC website.  It’s a wealth of knowledge.

Stay sane, don’t over-react, yet be sensible and protect yourself and your family.




We encourage you to read about the entire choice of BioEnergy Patches on our Next Wave website.


Best of luck… and call if you want some help. J


As always, feel free to call Next Wave for assistance or with questions at 949-542-6332 (EST).  If you get voicemail, please clearly leave your name, the best phone number to reach you, your time zone, and the latest I can return your call.  (I return calls in between appointments and at the end of my workday.)


Best Regards,

Mari McShane at Next Wave





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