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Declutter Series: #5 Takeout Menus

This is the next posting in our continuing Declutter Series.  It’s another quick easy one! 

If you have additional ideas, feel free to contribute! I’d love to hear from you.  🙂


So I’m out and about.  I go to a restaurant.  I pass by a sandwich place, a new bagel deli, or perhaps I see a food establishment that catches my interest.

Yep.  I admit it — I LOVE food places…

So of course I bring home a Takeout or Take Home Menu.

After all, everything I need is on that menu, right? – Available items, prices, phone number, address… and “you never know” when I might need it!

I dutifully add this new menu to my “collection”.

I have them in drawers, pinned to the refrigerator, on my desk, under the blotter, etc.  (You know… all the typical hidey-holes for this kind of stuff.  🙂

So I gathered them all up and guess what???  Some of the menus in my “collection” are YEARS old and some of these places don’t even EXIST anymore!

Also, almost all this information is readily available on the internet, in a web site, or in some readily available smart app.

And their information is the most updated info!  Unlike most of MINE… 🙂

The solution?

In the garbage!


Another pile of useless “stuff” gone…



Mari at Next Wave