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WELL BEING – NATURALLY – A Bio Energy Wearable Patch!


Wearable Patches

Feel like you’re unfocussed?  Foggy?  “Worn down” and constantly “bombarded”?

There’s a new patch on the block!

Yes it’s natural!

No… There are no drugs involved.

Nope!  Not even a single chemical!

In fact nothing transdermal AT ALL!


In a nutshell – the Well Being patch stimulates natural defenses, and balances and stabilizes the pineal gland in order to naturally help alleviate modern conditions in order to allow more of a sense of ease, help reverse fear, increase confidence, and raise awareness.

Well Being Bio Energy Wearable patches naturally help resistance to pathogens and disease

·        Allow Sense Of Ease

·        Reverse Fear

·        Increase Confidence

·        Raise Awareness

So what’s the thinking?

We’re all affected by and susceptible to environmental stresses such as man-made radiation and synthetic toxins.  These often wear down our resistance to pathogens and disease which, in turn can manifest as fear and weakness, which often leads to a never-ending cycle of “survival” and focus on easing pain in a “perpetual daily routine”.

Does this sound familiar?

So the Well Being Patch helps you feel a sense of ease.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Ok… So once your pineal gland and other natural bio-defenses are restored to balance…

Fears Subside…

Innate Intelligence in Thought, Speech, and Action Surface…

You Feel More Empowered and Confident…

Experience Greater Mental Clarity & Focused Thought…

And Make Better Decisions…

Next Wave recommends that you check out Well Being and all the other wearable patches. 

No chemicals / no drugs / nothing transdermal AND they’re VERY affordable!


For your convenience, click here to read about these patches.

Have a healthy day!

Note: To optimize results, stay WELL hydrated — the bio-frequencies travel through the fluid in our cells!



Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.


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Next Wave Introduces the EMR Defender — protect yourself from harmful cell phone radiation!

Nasty things can happen to your brain if you don’t protect yourself from harmful cell phone emissions.

At Next Wave, we look out for you…

Especially when it comes to letting you know about things that protect you from harm – things that can directly affect your health…

We’ll cut to the chase.

Worse — Our children are using electronic devices such as tablets, cell phones, lap tops, video gaming systems, and multimedia devices more often and generally for longer periods of time.

EMR Defender
EMR Defender

The EMR Defender is your solution to immediately decrease exposure by neutralizing up to 99.95% of the harmful non-ionizing radiation emitted by cell phones (and other electronic devices). 

Click here to see scans of a brain protected by EMR Defender vs. NOT protected.  


In addition to neutralizing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), the EMR Defender also stabilizes your battery between charges to improve battery lifespan, AND improve your signal reception.

That’s right!

You get all this in a single device!

·        Protects You From EMR

·        Intensifies Your Antenna Reception

·        Boosts Your Battery

It’s guaranteed for a whole year!

AND, it’s affordable!


Use your EMR Defender for ALL MODELS – Cell Phones / Mobile Phones / Laptops / Electronic Devices. 

Yes it fits them all!

EMR Defender
EMR Defender

Actual chip size is only 1 inch square – and so thin it will not interfere with your case.

Click here to read more.

As always, feel free to contact Next Wave for more information.

Have a healthy day!




Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.