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Improve Memory with Wearable Patch – Affordable & No Drugs

Tired of telling people you just had another little brain spaaz? Embarrassed to say you “forgot” once again? Find your mind wandering a bit too often? Have trouble thinking clearly? Concerned about your ever-shortening attention span? Frustrated trying to clear through the brain fog?

Memory TheraEX “Bio Apps” patches can naturally support healthy blood and oxygen circulation to the brain.
• Promote Mental Stamina & Endurance
• Increase Memory Retention
• Lengthen Attention Span
• Ease General Anxiety
• Sharpen Concentration
• Rein In Wandering Thoughts
• Lessen Brain Fog
• Help With Interrupted Communication Issues

The Memory TheraEX “Bio Apps” patch provides 8 essential bio-frequencies that promote healthy natural blood circulation and oxygen to the brain. Memory Patches are designed with natural bio-frequencies associated with Siberian Ginseng coupled with supportive enhancement bio-frequencies to promote mental stamina and endurance.

Consider using the Memory TheraEX “Bio Apps” patch to help naturally support healthy blood and oxygen circulation to the brain when experiencing
• Memory Loss
• Short Attention Span
• General Anxiety
• Concentration Issues
• Wandering Thoughts
• Brain Fog
• Interrupted Communication

Note: To optimize results, stay WELLhydrated — the bio-frequencies travel through the fluid in our cells!

Patches that can be used in conjunction with Memory Patches to boost effectiveness:
Healing XL
Emotional Rescue
Kidney/Thyroid Plus
Mood Boost

Stress Freeze

Each Memory “Bio Apps” package (sleeve) contains 10 patches – a 30 day supply.

TheraEx Patches


Next Wave already negotiated a nice discount for you!


EX-130 Memory TheraEX “Bio Apps” Patch – Sleeve Of (10) Patches – A 30 Day Supply
Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only. Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.

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Next Wave Presents BioEnergy Patches

Enter coupon code “gift4me” at check out for your incredible special price.  That’s an entire sheet of 10 BioEnergy Patches for $39.97.
What a deal!

Next Wave Presents the Following BioEnergy Natural Drug-Free Patches:
(Click on each individual Patch Application below for specific information and to purchase.)

Weight Management Two-Patch Combo Next Wave BEST BUY Deal!
Acne Plus
Adult Mental Focus
AO-X Antioxidant
Appetite Suppressant
Athletic Mental Focus – Contact Next Wave to “special order”
BAC (Bacterial Concerns)
Bio Defense (Immune System)
Biofilm BacteriaContact Next Wave to “special order”
Bio-H2O (Hydration) – Contact Next Wave to “special order”
Blood Sugar
Bone Repair
Brain/Heart (brain, heart, liver)
Cell Repair
Circulation (plaque/cholesterol)
D-Tox Plus (detox)
Emotional Rescue (Anxiety, Anger, Frustration)
Energy Balance (Organ Health)
Enviro3 (Environmental Allergies & Chemtrails) – Contact Next Wave to “special order”
E-Virus Guard (Ebola Like Virus Concerns)
FEM Plus (Female Hormones) (PMS / Cramps / Menopause)
Frontal Lobe (BrainTrauma)
GH Balance (Pituitary Gland & Anti-Aging)
Gluten Free Contact Next Wave to “special order”
Golfer’s EdgeContact Next Wave to “special order”
Great Brain
GSH/Scar Tissue (Glutathione) (now called Glutathione)
Hashimoto’s Disease
Healing XL (Optimize ALL Patches & Age Reversal)
Heavy Metal Plus (HM) – Contact Next Wave to “special order”
Inflammation Disorder
Kidney Support
Kidney, Thyroid, Adrenal, Bladder (also pituitary and hypothalamus)
Leaky Gut, Celiac, Crohn’s
LIV – GB (Liver/Gall Bladder)
Liver/Hepatitis Contact Next Wave to “special order”
Liver Support
LymeContact Next Wave to “special order”
Lymphatic Circulation
Male Plus (Testosterone Enhancer) – Contact Next Wave to “special order”
Melatonin Support
Mito-Cell Restoration (Mitochondria Health)
MLE (Sexual Response) – Contact Next Wave to “special order”
Mood Boost (mood swings)
Motion Sickness, Tinnitus, & Morning Sickness formerly called Travel Aid (morning sickness due to pregnancy, motion sickness, tinnitus, vertigo, jet lag, travel fatigue, and more)
Mycoplasma Contact Next Wave to “special order”
Nerve Stim (Nerve Stimulation)
Nitric Oxide Support
Nu Hair/Skin (Hair Growth & Restoration)
O.L.E. (Olive Leaf Extract) – Contact Next Wave to “special order”
Pain & Inflammation
Parkinson’s Disease
Power Workout  – Contact Next Wave to “special order”
Prostate Care
Relax (Consider for chronic pain / also enhances medical cannabis benefits)
Stop Crave 
Stress & Anxiety 
Stress Freeze
Thyroid Plus
Travel Aid now called Motion Sickness, Tinnitus, & Morning Sickness (motion sickness, vertigo, jet lag, travel fatigue, morning sickness)
Ultra Joint Plus
VIR (Viral Concerns)
Weight Loss Leptin Support
Well Being (pineal gland)
Zeolite (detox/chelator)


BioEnergy Patches Provide
• 72-Hr Consistent Ongoing Benefit / Relief
• Enhanced Effectiveness of Nutritional Supplements & Medications
• No Drugs / No Chemicals
• Non-Transdermal / Non-Invasive
• No Known Side Effects or Interactions – Safe For All Ages
• No Known Interference With Concurrent Protocols or Modalities
• No Struggle To Swallow Pills or Bad-Tasting Liquids
• No Schedules or Worried About Missed Dosages
• Highest Quality – Patches Are Hypoallergenic

Wow these are EASY to use and SO affordable!

Put one on and forget about it for THREE WHOLE DAYS!

Wear several at a time and get the help you want — naturally and continuously!

Call us if you have any questions. (949-542-6332 EST)


There are no returns for patches. All patch sales are final.


Click Here For Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information About BioEnergy Patches.



Prices Subject to Change Without Notice




Call Next Wave if you have any questions.

Domestic callers: 949-542-6332 (EST 9-5 Mon – Fri) Leave a message with your time zone and the latest I can return your call.

International callers: Email to coordinate.

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