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Reduce Stress with Stress Freeze Wearable Patch – Affordable & No Drugs

Are you stressed out?  Snapping at friends and loved ones?  Is stress affecting your relationships?  Do you find yourself laying awake nights anxious, frustrated, restless, and angry?  Is your stress causing pain, headaches, or taut sore muscles?  Is depression causing you to be negative, agitated, and testy?  Is your job and associated workplace issues stressing you out, frustrating you, and getting you so angry that you “can’t leave it at the workplace”?  Is stress causing you to “freeze up” or make hasty or poor decisions?  Do you miss the “real you”?

Stress Freeze TheraEX Bio App patches can help naturally restore physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral order in your world – restore some sane peace, reduce anxiety and increase your ability to calmly cope with issues associated with emotional stresses which lead to unhealthy behaviors.

Stress Freeze TheraEX Bio App patches are particularly effective to help reduce symptoms associated with workplace stress.

(Feedback about Stress Freeze TheraEX Bio App patches has been OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE! This patch is VERY effective!)

Stress Freeze TheraEX Bio App patches can naturally help restore a sense of positive well-being and rapidly decrease negative hurtful feelings from challenging physical responses that contribute to your internal turmoil.  Stress Freeze TheraEX Bio App patches support the brain and body to help handle stress, anxiety, and depression in a more healthy way.

Essential Bio-frequencies in the Stress Freeze TheraEX Bio App patches are designed to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.  They deliver specific frequencies to reduce symptoms associated with physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects of stress.  Especially made to combat depression and to balance emotional stress behaviors including secondary symptoms such as anxiety, emotional disorders, and stress & anger disorders. Particularly good for workplace stress management.

  • Physical: Headaches, Frequent Infections, Shortness of breath, Taut Muscles, Muscular, Twitches, Fatigue, Skin Irritations
  •  Mental: Negativity, Worrying, Muddled Thinking, Nightmares, Indecisiveness, Indecisions, Hasty Decisions
  • Emotional: Loss of Confidence, Loss of Enthusiasm, Irritability, Depression, Apathy, Alienation, Apprehension, Brain fog, Anxiety, Anger, Frustration
  • Behavioral: Accident Prone, Loss of Appetite, Loss of Sex Drive, Increased Substance Use/Abuse, Insomnia & Stress-Related Sleep Disturbances, Restlessness, Stress and Associated Anger Disorders, Stress-Related Relationship Difficulties

Consider using the Stress Freeze TheraEX Bio App patch to help naturally assist your body to reduce anger and anxiety and to increase your ability to cope more effectively when experiencing stress reactions such as

  • Aches, Pains, And Physical Reactions To Stress
  • Nightmares, Sleep Disturbances, Restlessness
  • Brain Fog, Muddled Thinking, Indecision, Hasty Or Poor Decisions
  • Emotional Tension. Depression, Anger, Frustration, Annoyance, Agitation, Irritation
  • Lost Confidence, Lost Enthusiasm, Apathy
  • Lost Appetite, Lost Interest In Life, Lost Coping Skills
  • Emotional, Anxiety, Worry, Unease
  • Increased Substance Use/Abuse
  • Stress Related Relationship Issues

Note: To optimize the Stress Freeze Patch results, stay WELL hydrated!

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Each Stress Freeze Bio Apps package (sleeve) contains 10 patches – an affordable 30 day supply.


Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.