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Using Light Waves to Heal Wounds – Lumen Photon Therapy

Lumen 90 Photon Therapy Device

Do you have concerns about healing a wound?

You may want to consider using light waves to heal wounds — using light therapy to heal – also known as photons, infrared light, or LED infrared.  You can even find articles about NASA LED light therapy to heal wounds!

Light waves just might be your natural, simple, powerful, effective, and safe solution.

A bit of background:

Light therapy, LED infrared and infrared light is sometimes known as “photons” or “photon therapy”.

Light wavelengths have different energies or frequencies.  Receptors for light (photoreceptors) are naturally found in living organisms like plants and animals (Including humans).

Some molecular biochemistry:

Research indicates that the enzyme cytochrome C oxidase seems to be present whenever our bodies are naturally in “healing mode”.

Cytochrome C oxidase is inside our cellular mitochondria where our body naturally makes healing energy.

When cytochrome C oxidase is poisoned or has deficiencies, the mitochondria are no longer able to make healing energy.

Now for the good news!

Cytochrome C oxidase responds to light and specific frequencies.

Research also indicates that light waves provided by a Lumen Photon Therapy Device actually turn ON this powerful healing enzyme cytochrome C oxidase – Naturally!


Cytochrome C oxidase strongly absorbs light in the far-red (visible) to near infrared spectra of the Lumen Photon Therapy Device.  The Cytochrome C oxidase enzyme treats this almost like an “energy transfusion” to increase electron transfer in the mitochondria, which then leads to an increase in natural healing energy.

It really is that simple!


Lumen 132 Photon Therapy Device

People report success using light waves to heal wounds – especially the healing energy of light waves coming from the naturally powerful Lumen Photon Therapy Device to heal wounds – to heal all kinds of wounds – such as:

  • to accelerate wound healing after surgery
  • auto accidents
  • areas of poor circulation and ulcers
  • burns / poorly healed burns
  • non-union or failure-to-heal fractures including non-union leg fractures
  • broken bones
  • skin ulcers
  • ruptures
  • to accelerate the healing of skin muscle, nerve, tendon, cartilage, bone
  • dental and periodontal tissues
  • resistant infections including teeth root infections
  • to regenerate nerves, and stop pain
  • painful diabetic neuropathy (both early stages with severe pain and later stages with loss of sensation), loss of sensation, nearly gangrenous toes, or non-healing leg ulcers
  • new joints
  • localized chronic infections
  • chronically swelling knee
  • bad back
  • shoulder pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • tendonitis
  • glaucoma
  • after a heart attack
  • to destroy tumors
  • carpel tunnel
Lumen Dual Pad 264 Photon Therapy Device


This information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.



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Next Wave Had BIG email problems… Please Touch Base Again!

  Next Wave Marketing & Consulting Services, Inc

…Where Technology Respectfully Partners With Mother   Nature

Dana Point, California  92629





We JUST found out that our email provider inadvertently blocked incoming mail (at the server level) from many of the main email providers…at least all summer!

The list of blocked incoming email included (but was not limited to) email originating from AOL, ATT, Comcast, Cox, EarthLink, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Netscape, SBCglobal, Verizon, Yahoo, and more.  There seems to be no apparent pattern regarding additionally blocked email.

Not only was the incoming mail blocked, but we had absolutely no visibility of the blocked mail, and it is not retrievable.


If you sent us email from June through this week which required a response … or if you sent anything important, please re-send it.

We were concerned that our email accounts were a “bit quiet” all summer… we just figured everyone was busy with summer schedules, vacations, etc.  Unfortunately, now we know better…

If you think we were ignoring you, now you know the sordid story.

In the future, if ever you don’t get a response from us in a timely manner, PLEASE let us know…

In this case, we are truly grateful to a client who diligently followed up on the phone because as she said “it’s not like you to ignore emails”.

In the meantime, please check out our Next Wave website and Next Wave blog — we’ve added some very interesting and effective products:

As always, contact us with your questions or comments… and remember that initial consults and assistance regarding our products and services are always informative and FREEEEEEEE

We’ll look forward to hearing from you all again and thanks for your patience as we catch up!

Have a healthy day!


Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only.  Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.


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About Lumen and FDA Approval

Powerful Conveniently-Sized Models Are FDA Approved To
• Increase Local Circulation (Important For Those With Restricted Circulation In Extremities)
• Reduce Pain (Neck, Back, Joint, Etc.)
• Improve Range Of Motion
• Relax Muscle (Decrease Tension And Spasms)

Lumen products are indicated for pain relief, muscle relaxation, increasing circulation, and increasing mobility of joints.

These devices fall under FDA classification (RT)890.5740 and became exempt from the 510(k) requirement in 1997 because of their safety.

Lumen Photon products use safe, super-luminous light emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce photons at different wavelengths in the near-infrared/visible red spectrums. The FDA has approved these powerful, conveniently-sized models as capable to offer:
1) Increased local circulation (important for people with restricted circulation in
2) Reduced pain (neck, back, joint, etc.)
3) Improved range of motion
4) Decreased tension, spasms, and relaxed muscles

Lumen Photon Therapy provides a new system of photodynamic therapy products utilizing state-of-the-art technology that can help provide a complete and lasting resolution of many health issues when coupled with a medical diagnosis.

All Lumen products are designed to help activate the natural healing processes in the body and can be used in the home, office, or when traveling.

Lumen Photon Therapy is an adjunctive solution providing spectacular results in many cases.


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About Lumen Photon Therapy, Inc.

Lumen Photon Therapy, Inc. is an innovative leader in the field of photon therapy. The company is founded upon a deep ethical commitment to expand the field of photon therapy and to supply the best possible equipment, offering powerful clinical potency at the most affordable prices.

Light Therapy is a relatively new field of treatment which can be of help to people with widely ranging ailments such as soft tissue injuries, Fibromyalgia, repetitive stress disorders, TMJ, chronic pain syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative joint conditions like arthritis or bone spurs, sinus problems, headaches, and more.

Light Therapy is an adjunctive therapy which supports and accelerates healing; it can be combined with many other forms of treatment for exceptional results and can successfully treat many conditions which resist resolution through traditional means.

According to Dr. Stan Gross, healing light waves from the Lumen can penetrate approximately 9 to 12 inches.