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Cancer: Lumen Photon Therapy, and Ortho-Molecular Medicine

Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D., an internationally recognized expert in environmental medicine, talks about using the Lumen Photon Therapy Device for cancer because itrevs up cytochrome C oxidase”.  She discusses this and more in an article which appears in the October 2011 issue of Total Wellness, a monthly newsletter that she publishes.

Cytochrome C oxidase – a detox enzyme turned on by light in the far-red (visible) to near infrared spectra – is necessary to turn on the p53 gene which causes cancer cells to commit suicide. As Dr. Rogers says: “This energy transfusion in turn increases electron transfer in the mitochondria, leading to making increased energy needed for healing.”

Here’s the story in Dr. Rogers’ own words:

 “…key is to have repaired the nutrient deficiencies that caused the cancer in the first place, and next to get rid of the toxicities that not only underlay cancer, but also eventually make it metastasize and make it chemotherapy resistant.” 

Dr. Rogers warns that if the mitochondria are poisoned, “they can’t make cytochrome C, necessary in turn for turning on the p53 gene that makes cancer cells commit suicide!”

In other words, as Dr. Rogers makes abundantly clear:

“…revving up cytochrome C is important for making cancer cells commit suicide (called apoptosis), one of several major mechanisms involved in cancer cure.”

Research shows that Lumen Photon Therapy reverses damage to cytochrome C oxidase.

Dr. Rogers feels Lumen Photon Therapy Devices should by used by all cancer patients “because the Lumen revs up cytochrome C oxidase, a copper-requiring enzyme in mitochondria crucial for detoxification.”

So where to start?

According to Dr. Rogers and other respected medical practitioners, the first thing in your wellness arsenal is to repair nutrient imbalances and to get rid of toxicities.

The best way to do that is to stop guessing at what your body may or may not need.  A scientific and medically sound answer may certainly lie in the emerging field of Orth-Molecular Medicine which views nutrition as an exact science.

Based on findings from a Total Body Chemistry Test, your personalized diet and supplements recommendations are adjusted to effectively improve your metabolic efficiency which, in turn, allows your body to detox and heal itself naturally.

If you want an easy start and introduction to this respected field of medicine called Orth-Molecular Medicine, there’s a “Quick Easy-Start Wellness Package” which makes things super easy for you.  It includes everything you need.

The other tool to immediately add to your personal arsenal is a Lumen Photon Therapy Device to help the body heal itself by repairing cytochrome C, and also to help reduce overall body inflammation, which is an underlying cause of MANY ills.

FDA-approved, Lumen Photon Therapy is easy to use.  It penetrates a broad surface area at once. It’s gentle.  It has no known side effects, and has greater healing energy than lasers.

Dr. Rogers ends her article with the very strong statement “I frankly can’t imagine a home without a Lumen.

That’s a pretty strong statement coming from such a respected doctor!

To sum this up simply: two of the strongest tools in any cancer fighting arsenal are Lumen Photon Therapy and Ortho-Molecular Medicine.


(To read the rest of Dr. Rogers’ article click here.)


Sherry Rogers, M.D. is an internationally recognized expert in environmental medicine. Board Certified in Environmental Medicine as well as charter Board Certified in Family Practice, and a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.  Dr. Rogers is the author of over 16 books on environmental illness and finding causes and cures of diseases.  She has published over 20 scientific papers, as well as written for many of the current periodical and text book chapters.  She served on medical journal editorial boards, and has given over 100 lectures to physicians in six countries, over 42 years of medical practice.



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