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Far Infrared Sauna and Phthalate (Plastics) Toxicity

High Tech Health Far Infrared Sauna (2-person)

While discussing her recommendations for ridding the body of phthalates or plastics, Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, noted Environmental Doctor, commented on the use of Far Infrared Sauna in the August 2011 issue of her monthly newsletter “Total Wellness”.

Dr. Rogers makes the point that the number one pollutant in the body, plasticizers or phthalates, can influence nearly every category in the popular Cardio/ION blood panel, which she highly recommends as a starting point to help identify clues to how phthalate toxicity may be interfering with your chemistry.

Dr. Rogers further states that there are important clues like poisoned mitochondria which may stem from unsuspected phthalate poisoning.  She notes that phthalates can also cause other issues which may eventually affect the brain and the body’s ability to properly convert vitamins and minerals, damage other pathways like amino acid conversions, bring on insulin resistant diabetes, damage the thyroid and/or adrenal gland, and much more.

After making the point that when we don’t have enough carnitine synthesis (which can be damaged by phthalate toxicity), we can “take the right fatty acids but they do no good because they cannot get carried into the mitochondria to create energy”.  She further recommends that we choose our health care practitioners wisely – ensure that they understand and are schooled in the biochemistry of phthalate toxicity and know how to guide us to focus on the most important damages, or perhaps to first detox.

Dr. Rogers notes that U.S. government studies consistently show that phthalates are in all of us even animals in the “pristine wild”.  Further that they are the “highest pollutant in the human body, over 10,000 times higher than anything else”.

Her phthalate toxicity protocol includes a recommendation “the more sauna, the better”, calling 5 hours (or more) a week a “healthful boost”.  As Dr. Rogers notes, the time in the sauna is “never lost” because we can use time in the sauna to read, do computer work, watch videos or TV, listen to music, or even do homework!.

Dr. Rogers cautions us to be mindful and to replace essential nutrients that may be sweated out during our sauna time.

(Note: This information is presented for educational purposes only.  As always, consult your medical practitioner for medical advice.)