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Detox from Polycarbonates, Phthalates, BPA, and Plasticizers Using Diet & Far Infrared Sauna

High Tech Health Far Infrared Sauna (3-person)

Are certain plastics safe? Do they outgas phthalates (plasticizers), BPA, or other damaging plasticizers?

We at Next Wave, pass along the opinion of Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D., noted Environmental Doctor, who commented on this topic in the June 2011 issue of her monthly newsletter “Total Wellness” in hopes that her opinion may help you personally research this topic.

Dr. Rogers is quite definitive on this subject – stating “there is no safe level of phthalates and it has no role in the metabolism of the human body”.

Dr. Rogers cites evidence of Harvard research which showed phthalates in healthy young Harvard College students after they spent only a single week drinking from polycarbonate bottles.

Phthalates are now so ubiquitous that they slowly accumulate in our cells because we unavoidably get such huge amounts from air, food, and water. It behooves us to detox before the toxic load damages our normal cell functions.

Dr. Rogers reminds us that many phthalates are environmental endocrine disruptors bringing on diseases such as breast cancers, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension – promoting prostate cancers, even disrupting mating patterns in animal species. In addition, she states that they can bring on birth defects, low IQ, and more.

In fact, Dr. Rogers states that over 92% of the U S population now contains low levels of this detrimental chemical.

She warns that when plastics are recycled, phthalates, heavy metals, and other dangerous chemicals in plastics are further concentrated. In addition, plastic bottles that are boiled, brushed, or clean in a dishwasher “can leach even more phthalates”. (Think baby bottles and folks who re-use their small water bottles.)

Dr. Rogers notes that use of plastic baby bottles may be one of the factors responsible for creating the current generation of infants, young children, and teens who are showing more incidence of obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancers, and other “adult diseases”.

Dr. Rogers points to research showing that because of reduced glucuronidation, younger children accumulate even more plasticizer than adults.

Exacerbating the situation, many polycarbonate plastics are impregnated with sunscreens which are also absorbed and further add to an individual’s overall toxic load.

How to rid your body of these toxins?

Dr. Rogers recommends eating good foods, such as brassica vegetables, which are powerful antioxidants. (Brassicas include broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage, rutabaga, etc.)

She particularly advises couples planning a family to detox “a year or so before they conceive” in order to reduce birth defects and reduce numbers of children with low IQs.

Dr. Rogers has consistently been an advocate of Far Infrared Sauna as a lifetime commitment to help detox.

She also recommends doctors and health care professionals to measure phthalate levels or, at the least, the damage caused by them, as a beginning point toward helping people presently being treated for such issues as cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc to regain their health.

Remember Next Wave’s view of your detox system as a big bucket.

All the toxic “stuff” you run into goes into this bucket… (This includes those ubiquitous phthalates.)

Eventually this bucket gets filled to the brim, and the very next toxin that goes into the bucket OVERFLOWS the darned thing…

Most people tend to point to that “last thing in” as “the culprit”, when in effect, it was simply the last thing into the bucket!

Let’s use this “bucket” idea, as a way to look at your detox system.

If you control the things (like plastic items) you CAN control, you keep the level of toxins in your “bucket” low enough so that when you run into something you can NOT control (e.g., perhaps like phthalates), there’s enough room in the bucket for the body to deal with it without “overflowing”.

Make sense so far?

How do you keep your bucket reasonably empty of phthalates and how do you keep your detox system operating optimally?

You intuitively already know this stuff …


It’s no big mystery… and it’s deceivingly simple.

(This is beginning to sound like a mantra!)

STOP USING SO MUCH PLASTIC… stop drinking out of those plastic bottles… stop heating your food with plastic wrap on top…


Breathe clean air… Drink clean water… Eat clean food… oh yeah… and throw in a bit of clean exercise.

Are you sick of hearing this yet???

Let’s add one more item:

DETOX regularly… it helps.

Like, Dr. Rogers, we’re huge fans of Far Infrared Sauna.

Please remember that this information is provided for educational purposes only. Contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.