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Dr. Sherry Rogers on Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights for Teeth, Joints, Ears, & Eyes

In her January 2023 Total Wellness monthly newsletter, Dr. Sherry Rogers MD, internationally recognized expert in environmental medicine (and much more), discusses the role and benefits of Lumen Photon Therapy devices to accelerate healing, especially for teeth, joints, ears, and eyes.

After testing several photon therapy devices, Dr. Rogers still feels strongly that Lumen Photon Therapy devices have no competition.

After purchasing several Lumen Photon Therapy Devices, she notes that a frequency in the Lumen Photon Therapy Device “turns on the cytochrome C oxidase enzyme in the mitochondria that accelerates healing”.  Dr. Rogers cautions that if we are deficient in copper that enzyme “can’t work”.

In past posts, Dr. Rogers has explained that the healing frequencies emitted by the Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights actually turn on cytochrome C oxidase, an enzyme in the mitochondria.  Dr. Rogers discusses this in more detail in her books “How to Cure Diabetes” and “Pain Free in 6 Weeks” along with the rest of her natural, non-surgical advice and healing protocols.

Dr. Rogers suggests for “anyone interested in keeping their teeth to at least use the Lumen around their jaw 1-2 times a day”.

Dr. Rogers says that clearly “no disease depends upon one nutrient or even half a dozen”, and strongly advises to first repair the mitochondria (starting with the 34 fatty acids) not only for eyes but in all disease” as well as to slow down “normal” aging.

In a powerful past statement, Dr. Rogers says she can’t imagine a household without a Lumen “for it has saved teeth, vision, joint pain, and much more…”  In addition, she notes that she has seen 6 weeks of anticipated healing reduced to one week or less.  And serious injuries that would be expected to take several days… are often healing in several hours.

If this is you, and pain and/or a need to “heal” is affecting your lifestyle choices, you may want to consider reading more about Lumen Photon Therapy and how to choose the right device for you.

In addition to Lumen Photon Therapy, continue reading to see some other natural solutions for your consideration.

Dr. Rogers feels strongly that “You are a beautiful orchestration of molecular biochemistry, designed to heal”.

At Next Wave, we wish you all the healing power your body is intrinsically designed to muster.

Stay Healthy!

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Lumen Photon Therapy
Lumen Photon Therapy LED Lights is a successful adjunctive therapy which supports and accelerates healing; it can be combined with many other forms of treatment modalities for exceptional results and can successfully help treat many conditions which often resist resolution through traditional means.

To help choose the right Lumen Photon Therapy Device Click Here.

 Other Uses for Lumen Photon Therapy
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Other Natural Solutions
If you’re one of the many people who suffers from arthritis and/or joint pain, here are some natural solutions to consider. We invite you to visit our Next Wave website for more details.


Consider BioEnergy Patches
BioEnergy Patches are small, very affordable, all natural, fabric patches infused with specific natural bio-frequencies to help balance the body so it functions at an optimal level. Each patch is designed to activate and support specific systems to help naturally restore missing cell communication and to help your body function as intended.  Read more…

In particular, for pain relief, we invite you to continue reading for a brief introduction to a few BioEnergy Patches which may be of interest to you – Bone Repair, Inflammation Disorder, Pain & Inflammation, and Relax BioEnergy Patches.

Yes…You can wear several patches concurrently. Read more…


Mito-Cell Restoration BioEnergy Patches
The Mito-Cell Restoration BioEnergy Patch was developed to help enhance cellular communication and restoration which is necessary for the health and well-being of Mitochondria – the body’s energy producing engine – also known as the powerhouse of the cell.
Consider using the Mito-Cell Restoration BioEnergy Patch to help convert energy from ingested food into useable energy in the body.  Also consider using the Mito-Cell Patch when experiencing noticeable energy deficiency, or when dealing with known or suspected mitochondria dysfunctions such as neurodegenerative, and/or metabolic disorders or symptoms.

Read more about Mito-Cell Restoration BioEnergy Patches click here.


Vision BioEnergy Patches
The Vision BioEnergy Patch promotes healthy eyes & vision by supporting the unveal tract (the vascular coat of the eye consisting of iris, ciliary body, and choroid).

The Vision BioEnergy Patch can be used as a “long term” complementary therapy program and as an aid to help support and restore vision function.
Consider using the Vision BioEnergy Patch when experiencing symptoms such as: dry or watery eyes, eye coordination concerns, eye fatigue, eye strain, eye inflammation, macular degeneration (and associated symptoms), night vision issues, sore eyes, tired eyes, vision problems due to diabetes and other related issues, and vision spots/floaters.

Read more about Vision BioEnergy Patches click here.


Pain & Inflammation BioEnergy Patches
The Pain & Inflammation BioEnergy Patch can help ease a wide variety of aches and pains associated with chronic and acute pain and can help reduce chronic and acute inflammation by stimulating nerves to block pain signals.

The Pain & Inflammation BioEnergy Patch can help ease a wide range of minor aches and pains from sore muscles to menstrual cramps.  It also addresses anxiety associated with pain and inflammation syndromes including mental stress and lack of energy due to pain.
Consider using Pain & Inflammation BioEnergy Patches when experiencing: achy and/or painful joints, anxiety associated with pain syndromes, athletic pain, back pain, carpal tunnel pain, chronic pain, muscle cramps, knee pain, lack of energy due to pain and inflammation, leg cramps, mental stress associated with pain and inflammation, menstrual cramps and associated pain, pain associated with normal activity, pain associated with overexertion, pain when walking, and shoulder pain, etc.

Read more about Pain & Inflammation BioEnergy Patches click here.


Bone Repair BioEnergy Patches
The Bone Repair BioEnergy Patch was developed to help support and restore the body’s natural ability to repair bone and to maintain optimal bone health.
Consider using the Bone Repair BioEnergy Patch to help repair bone and maintain optimal bone health and when experiencing symptoms from fractures, joint health, bone metabolism, skeletal concerns, etc., as well as concerns regarding bone density, bone metabolism, osteoporosis (and related concerns), skeletal health concerns, bone regeneration, and body frame repair.

Read more about Bone Repair BioEnergy Patches click here.


Inflammation Disorder BioEnergy Patches
The Inflammation Disorder BioEnergy Patch was developed as a complementary program to help support the way the body naturally manages inflammation disorders.
Consider using the Inflammation Disorder BioEnergy Patch when experiencing symptoms or concerns associated with: inflammation, injury, infections, pain (chronic & acute), stress, and more.

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Other Uses for BioEnergy Patches
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Other Non-Related Health Concerns?
We invite you to read more about the Lumen Photon Therapy LED Light Therapy Devices and BioEnergy Patches as well as other natural solutions for pain, inflammation, and stress on our Next Wave Website.




We encourage you to read about the entire selection of Lumen Photon Therapy LED Light Therapy Devices and BioEnergy Patches on our Next Wave website.

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