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Calm Nervous System With Well Being BioEnergy Patch – Now With Schumann Resonances!

Feeling out of sorts?  Edgy? Off your game?

Are you a bit unfocused? Anxious?  Nervous? Fearful?

Do you lack confidence?

If you want a natural way to help alleviate that sense of dread, fear, stress, and anxiety, consider the affordable, all natural Well Being BioEnergy Patch which is now programmed with Schumann Resonances in addition to other natural BioFrequencies to help balance and stabilize the pineal gland, which in turn helps induce natural relaxation and calming.

Many respected scientists believe Schumann Resonances have beneficial effects on the nervous system to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Schumann Resonances are also thought to be beneficial for human brainwave patterns thus helping to promote relaxation.

The Well Being BioEnergy Patch is designed to help stabilize the pineal gland which, in turn, can help provide a sense of awareness and ease, increase confidence, and stimulate natural defenses.

Well Being BioEnergy Patches are completely natural and drug-free and will not interfere with existing protocols because there’s nothing transdermal.  No chemicals.  Only natural BioFrequencies.



A bit about Schumann Resonances:
Electrical activity between the surface of earth and the ionosphere in the form of standing waves of electricity is called Schumann Resonances.  Schumann Resonances are extremely low frequency waves (approximately 7.8 hz. and weaker harmonics 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, and 33.8 hz.).

In respected scientific circles, it is suggested that Schumann waves can affect, and be affected by, human consciousness and that Schumann waves can affect human and animal behavior.

According to this theory, a global increase in anxiety or tension can affect the Schumann Resonance; likewise, an increase in these resonant frequencies could cause a global rise in anxiety, tension, and/or passion. These scientists have associated Schumann frequencies with different types of brain wave states. Some have related the frequency of 7.83 Hertz to hypnosis, suggestibility, meditation, and an increase in human growth hormones.

In 2017, Schumann waves were measured at historically unusual highs.

According to some, these higher resonant frequencies on Earth can be associated with anomalies in blood pressure, DNA, abnormally stressed nervous systems, and other mental, physical, and emotional health issues.



We encourage you to apply a Well Being BioEnergy Patch and relax.

Hmmmm… Relaxation…that does sound wonderful!


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Stay Healthy!


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