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BioEnergy Patch for Food & Environmental Allergies!




Whether you suffer with food or environmental allergies, it’s frustrating, annoying, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful.

Symptoms can be varied… of course, you already know that… (so I won’t belabor that point) … and can be caused by reactions stemming from dust, pollen, mold, pet, food, and a gazillion other triggers unique to you and you alone.  (Lucky you… sighhh…)

Reactions can be serious and alarming to annoying and pesky… symptoms like unique allergic reactions, asthma, loss of smell or taste, frequent throat clearing, hoarseness, coughing, drippy nose, nose wiping, sinus problems, sneezing, watery eyes, and wheezing.

They can be caused by seemingly innocuous things like dust, pollen, mold, pet, and food allergens.

So, it comes down to personal decisions… do you hammer the symptoms with drugs that can have all sorts of nasty annoying side effects, or try something more effective naturally

One natural solution to seriously consider is BioEnergy Allergy Patches

They’re natural / no chemicals / nothing transdermal…. Affordable, and easy.  (REALLY!) 🙂

AND no nasty side effects.  (Seriously!)

So here’s the bottom line:

To help relieve seasonal allergic reactions consider wearing a patch combination of Allergies BioEnergy Patches, Sinus BioEnergy Patches, and Enviro3 BioEnergy Patches.

To help relieve allergic reactions from foods, consider wearing a patch combination of Allergies BioEnergy Patches and Digest BioEnergy Patches.

Check it out:

Now there’s something natural to the rescue.

Wow!  That’s HUGE!

What’s even better — The Allergies BioEnergy Patches are totally natural.

No drugs!  No chemicals!  Nothing transdermal!

Just pure natural bio-frequencies.

It’s so simple: just put a patch behind your left arm or shoulder.  Then leave it alone.

You can bathe, work out, swim, or do whatever your lifestyle dictates.

Replace it in 3 days.  That’s it!

How’s that for easy?

Oy, yeah.  It’s also VERY affordable…

We invite you to check them out.

We encourage you to apply Allergies BioEnergy Patches and enjoy living symptom free.

We invite you to read more about the Allergies BioEnergy Patches as well as other natural solutions for pain, inflammation, and stress on our Next Wave Website.


Stay Healthy!


Best Regards,

Mari McShane at Next Wave


A Bit More About Allergies
In an attempt to protect the body, the immune system of the allergic person produces antibodies called immunoglobulin E (IgE). Those antibodies can cause mast cells and basophils (allergy cells in the body) to release chemicals (including histamine) into the bloodstream to defend against the allergen “invader.”  The release of these chemicals can cause allergic reactions affecting eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin, and/or gastrointestinal tract as the body attempts to rid itself of the invading allergen.  Allergies BioEnergy Patches are designed to lessen the body’s reactions to environmental sensitivities and provide frequencies that assist in relief from food and airborne allergens.




We encourage you to read about the entire selection of BioEnergy Patches on our Next Wave website.

Best of luck… and call if you want some help. J


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